PVP - Will my base get deleted if someone reports my fence stacking base on official when update 2.8 comes out?

So I mostly play on my own… I do have a few friends that come to play now and again but that is extremely rare… I started work on my base a year ago… It’s been godded, bombed, etc by people that have tried to get inside… They didn’t succeed due to the stacking and also while occasionally someone else is on to help me to defend…

I know the stacking system was unintended by the developers part and I am glad that it is being resolved but I do want clarification if anyone knows if bases past update 2.8, if reported, will be deleted and those in the clan will be banned? I don’t want to be the one responsible for getting my teammates banned…

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It’s possible being banned now with it to my knowledge.

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Might depend on the severity of the stacking. I would expect a ToS clarification on any grandfathering of old bases since it shouldnt be possible post patch, unless the existing stacking is so massive to be objectionable now.

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Isn’t that when the owner of such bases is set to “No Owner” (upon transfer)? Or is that more grief?

Yes, you do indeed run that risk… in fact even now, prior to the 2.8 release. What that risk actually is, no one knows - likely not even Funcom - we don’t have to numbers to produce the actual odds. My guess from watching here, the servers I play on, and considering the log data from steam is that you have something like a 10% ~ 20% chance of getting caught and banned.

So, yeah, if you want that risk to be zero for your friends, I would rethink and reconfigure the base. Location seems to be a lot of it too so you might wanna examine that while you’re at it. :wink:

Remaking and/or moving a base can be fun though, so don’t fret… :slight_smile:

If you have to ask, then you probably are at risk. I would think q layer of 5 wouldn’t impose the deletion but 20 would…however I don’t work for Funcom so I’m guessimating

in my opinion its not a reason for ban. u should get an warn with information what u need to rebuild.
i hope funcom give people time to rebuild their houses.(decay time) . its generally a problem. i read more and more people in forum, that their bases are destroyed cause of player reports and admin ban them or destroy buildings. funcom please inform and warn players before destroying whole bases.(no front)

From what I’ve observed it seems like it might be a mix that triggers it - after a complaint, while investigating another complaint, or cruising the server:

  • It’s an eyesore on the landscape or vista?
  • It’s too close to some some activity content - even if >200m away?

And then when checked for technicals:

  • The space it takes up (footprint)?
  • Number of building pieces?
  • Any spam blocks?
  • Fence or ceiling stacking?
  • Number and kind of spawn points blocked?
  • Number and kind of placeables?

I have no actual reason to think so but maybe even:

  • Your chat history?
  • Language used?
  • Attitude(s) on display?

etc. I’m probably imagining it but it seems like if it’s just one of those and not too extreme then fine, pass. But the more there are the less extreme any one has to be. And it’s the first two there that catches the most attention when the Admin is surfing the map or on their way to a reported site. I’m dealing with a sample size of about 20 at this point and more than one individual Admin - so it’s pretty hard to tell for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I don’t get that bit either. 1st or maybe even 2nd offenses? Seems actually evil and uncaring to ban on that. I’m fine with no warning and base deletion tho. One of the official servers I’m on, the banning is used far less often - only about 20% of the time (5 bases totaled, but only one ban that I can tell of) - so that might indicated that it’s Admin’s discretion - at least to some degree.

I understand that you’re probably asking Funcom and not looking for players’ opinions (and debates), so I’ll try to keep this as short and informative as possible.

Funcom has clarified that foundation stacking is an exploit [in August last year:

Given that it’s considered an exploit, and given that it’s a bannable offense right now regardless of when the base was originally built, I’m reasonably sure that Funcom won’t change their attitude towards it after 2.8 goes live.

Think about it this way: they implemented the anti-undermeshing mechanism, but they’ll still ban you if you manage to build an undermesh base.


I forgot about that post.

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Yeah, no wonder. It was a really, really bad way to communicate. I’m willing to be many PVP players don’t even have a forum account, and most of those who do only use it for drive-by complaints when a change lands that “killed the game” yet again. Even those who are reasonably active on the forums might have missed it, because it’s buried 100 posts deep in a random thread. :unamused:


Sad day for my base then :confused: Didn’t know about this post either… A moderator can close this post then

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Well reading it again, iggy says its an exploit but says they delayed fixes that would destroy existing structures, and then goes on to say the main offense is griefing others or impacting server performance, so I’m not sure that says what I thought on first pass and gets back to my original reply. It seems like it may be a question of degree and when 2.8 goes live, I would expect an official Funcom stance with the patch notes.

“ in official servers we will take action if these structures are abused to cause grief to other players or negatively impact performance.”

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Not that I wanna go back and forth interminably, but the reason why they didn’t want to implement any logic that nukes the existing builds is that there are PVE builds that use the same building technique in moderation and for purely decorative purposes, and no algorithm is smart enough to distinguish those from PVP stacking.

Take a look at the timeline:

  • In August 2021, we get the clarification that stacking is considered an exploit. (Interestingly enough, it doesn’t say that the building technique itself is an exploit, but that’s a whole 'nother can of PVP outrage worms.)
  • In September 2021, the rules are updated and streamlined, and newer, stricter enforcement is announced to players.
  • From there on, we get a flood of people coming to the forums to complain about “unfair” bans, and a rather significant portion of those turns out to be comprised of PVP players whose bases had stacked foundations.

We could argue about what this implies, but to me the obvious conclusion is that they don’t want people stacking fence foundations on PVP servers and that they aren’t willing to tolerate that anymore. I wouldn’t bet on any grandfather clauses, at least for PVP.

That said, I completely agree with you on this:

I don’t quite expect it, but I’m hoping it’ll come. This – and some other things – need clear communication.

I don’t think it’s arguable though. By my count that’s #2 on the list of probable reasons for the demo-bannigs I’ve seen. #1 being location… It’s seems near to a 50:50 split between PVE and PVP too.

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Still very frustrating that those that layer only 5 doors or three hatches get caught in those because some people can’t moderate and want to argue like my 12 yo…‘but you never said I couldn’t’.


I could excuse “you never said I couldn’t”, but what sucks is that when you point out that Funcom did, in fact, say they couldn’t, it changes to “well then it shouldn’t be in the game at all”.


honestly tho. first devs say its not an exploit so people build stacked bases thinking its ok. then devs say HOL UP A MINUTE IT ACTUALLY IS AN EXPLOIT

for anyone wondering stacking is only considered an exploit because official servers are the cheapest package gportal offered and stacking gets blamed for bad server performance when in reality in large base will lag a server lma0.

I think gods are in need of a balance in terms of pvp raiding but what do I know I actually play the game


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