Q&A Dev Stream: Ask your questions here!

Will everyone need DLC in order to play on isle? or can we join friend with it?.) like with others DLCs… we can use it, but not make it

Why are you ignoring the console community with updates on a fix for the last broken update… waiting on certification is not good enough


Thankyou for offering the community this opportunity to ask questions. :smiley: At this point in time I currently have 2 questions, although I suspect you all may be hesitant to provide a concrete answer to either of these. But here goes:

  1. Will Funcom be releasing any new Crom weapons or features for the Isle of Siptah, or in general? :mountain_snow:

  2. Can you please give us some idea when we can expect the Mummy of the Ring to be finished and implemented into the game? We need something…anything. As the current and previous forum threads reinforce, his contined omission bothers a lot of people.


On the isle I know some items recipes are able to build in the exile land but would it be possible to have some of those items that can’t have their cost changed to make them available in exiles land and vice versa

I know the one mechanic that allows legendary items to be crafted would be overpowered to those that don’t have the dlc but if there was any plans on this

I’ve recently switched completely to pc, but I’d still like to ask this for my console friends.

Are there any plan to add a search functionality for consoles?

Also, any plans for more building contests?


Are there any plans to improve the moderation of official servers? Perhaps add a ticket system, or improve the transparency of the process, or at the very least dedicate more people to it?


they’ve already said you have to have the dlc to play on siptah. But if you have it, you can use the new building pieces in the exiled lands.


Why console players left behind?


yesh ui for consoles plz, also DO NOT gimmie wedgies with weak grain that i cant see until placed, or I WILL feed kiahonfire to nessie!!!

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For PVE PS4 Console, im not seeing the primary foods at all at the bottom of the screen. Its completely empty. Was this removed on purpose. The suggested foods are missing.

Any plans for more NPC shipwrecks? (Potential thralls getting washed up on the beaches)

Any plans for caravans or bandit ambushes or other NPCs to interact with players?

Any plans for additional “world events” (like a special maelstorm spawn or special wild surge that drops monsters instead of NPCs)?

Any plans for the “friendly” encampment up north to have more interactivity with players (events)?

What plans are there for changes before Siptah is officially “released”? (What improvements do the devs currently want to see added)


3 questions from my side:

  1. will be able to let thralls Farm for us like ark does with their dinos ?

  2. is there a Release Date for PlayStation 4/5 for Isle of Siptah ?

  3. will Funcom work on travel mechanic for oldmap and newer Maps between each other?

Maybe a Bonus question : when will be coming more mounts in the Future?


I’m avoiding spoilers so…I got nothing but…

*copy paste all of my questions from before and suggestion threads on insert stuff cause shes to lazy to retype them for 100th time. XD


Oh well… My only question then, since 2021 is so vague for ps4…
I’m getting a ps5, Demon Souls, Cyberpunk 2077… By time I get Isles… will I even go back to ps4? Will Conan Exiles be on Ps5 with update?

You guys and gals get ps5 dev kits so the super bad patches will stop?


First of all: Compliments on what you guys have achieved with Siptah. It looks absolutely beautiful and I’m really curious to discover everything the map has to offer!

  1. The reception of the new healing system has been mixed at best and its especially tough on new players - when can we expect changes to the new healing system? And can food play a bigger role in that?

  2. Can you PLEASE allow us to turn off combat music. I’m begging you.

I have done the update and purchased the new DLC. Now when i log into exiled lands all my stuff is gone. armour, weapons, Crafting materials id been farming. NOT HAPPY. I was only on there 3 days ago so it cant be from inactivity. I check the event log and there was no purge either. I still have all my thralls and some tiles and walls but all my crafting stations, and cupboard’s are gone, Will this be fixed? My Server is Oceania 1950 PvE. My Player name is Crixus.


I would also like to first of all congratulate you guys on a job well done. I am having an absolute blast with Siptah and all the new monsters and world space is very refreshing and well implemented. The mystery of this isle is intoxicating!


  • Will we be able to colour/dye our horse and rhino saddles in the near future?

  • Are there any plans on adding more biomes (like snow) to Siptah be it a seperate island North?

  • Will there be more caves added?
    (I have explored maybe 15% of the isle but I have not found many caves, I love them in Exiled lands)


on Siptah island would you consider adding

  • couple (4-6?) of small castaway camps along coast with 1-3 T1-T2 thralls
  • 2-3 medium fortified castaway camps further inland with 4-8 T1-T3 thralls and some animals to make raid interesting

Do the devs have any plans on further balancing the healing system that was put in place with this update?


oh I’ll second @Danlight healing question, while I endorse new mechanics a cooking revision is called for, being equally sated by nipping berries and rhino roast not to mention advanced cousine looks like a oversight

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Is there any plan with Siptah Early Access roadmap to update Archery, like some of the other core systems (like warm/cold armor and healing) . At the moment 4th level perk in accuracy makes your archery damage a lot worse (presumably a bug?), and has been so for 6 months. So if not overhaul of archery, is the change for the perk in horizon at least?