Q&A Thread About Follower Levels and Follower Limit - Additional Question


Since the Q&A Thread was closed 24 minutes prior to me posting my question, here is a quote from the announcment and my question.

“Since we need to implement a limit for followers, random followers will be deleted periodically until the cap is respected. We recommend organizing any thralls you definitely want to keep before the patch hits.”

My question is about RANDOM. Is there some logic such as

Exile Fighter I being removed before an Exile Fighter II?
Exile Fighter II being removed before an Heirs of the North Fighter II?
Forgotten Tribe Fighter III being removed before a Forgotten Tribe Cimmerian Berserker?

We are currently cleansing our server, but in case we do not hit the limit in time, I was curious as to the logic.

Or will this be the Infinity War - Thanos wearing the gauntlet snapping his fingers and a literal random purge happen. If this is the case, I think an effect of them slowly turning to dust would be cool. LOL



Good question.

But this was excellent! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


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Hey Valkyrja,

Thank you for your question :slight_smile: A lot of similar ones were brought up in the thread already and I have noted it down in my list for tomorrow’s stream.

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