Qarthage PvE/Mods 18+ Harvestx2.0 (PvPEvents/K&C) 9/20, (37 Mods, Decor, Emote, Paragon, K&C)

Hey, me and my friend run a PvE-oriented, heavily-modded server encompassing mods that offer PvE-C (Kingdoms and Conquest), and many Decor, Emote, Building Set, and RP-related mods that offer their endless content to enjoy. We currently have 20 slots, use ServerBlend, 1.5 PlayerXPMultiplier, decreased Thrall/Pet CraftingMulitiplier, Purges will increase to 6 in coming weeks, etc.

With Kingdoms And Conquest mod, we can enact well regulated PvE-C encounters via controllable Mines that produce Exiled-Lands & Isle-Of-Siptah resources like Eldarium, Brimstone, Iron, etc to balance out the Jungle’s lack of nodes, etc. Using K&C, Mines will have 5-minute King-Of-The-Hill capture timers, with Production Cycles churning their designated Items, with Protection Timers to ensure a phase of un-contestable control after conquest.

We enforce a generous 30x30 Base Size, with 30K Building Placement Limit to ensure exponential-growth integrity of the server. We’re open-minded to larger Clans (3+) having 40x40 Bases, and asymmetrically-laid Bases (25x35) are negotiable. Lastly, we’re also open-minded to including and excluding servers to ensure everyone is satisfied within reason and for the servers future.

And lastly, if our community grows even moderately, say 8-16 people, I want to use Amunets Server Mod to create a 2nd server for seamless Character transferring to increase our content, that’ll host Savage Wilds first but with a NewGame+ vibe so Player’s with their Paragon-lvled Char’s have some challenge reaping new content.

> Pippi.pak
> BetterThralls.pak
> Devious_Desires.pak
> WitchDoctors.pak
> Assets_Mod.pak
> 75_Percent.pak
> SerenaBadlands.pak
> Kingdoms_and_Conquest.pak
> immersivearmor.pak
> RA.pak
> BarbarianBarber.pak
> AccessoryEquipment.pak
> WeatyArmorPack.pak
> AkubaSalon.pak
> Beyond_Decor.pak
> Beyond_Decor_II.pak
> EmotesForPets.pak
> EvilsCabinet.pak
> ModControlPanel.pak
> No_Building_Placement_Restrictions.pak
> LBPR_Collision_Update_Add_On.pak
> StormEx.pak
> KerozardsParagonLeveling.pak
> Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak
> LabeledPurges.pak
> HighHeels.pak
> DudesDelightfulDecorations.pak
> Asghaard_deco_and_placeables.pak
> ArenaPier.pak
> ModAdmin.pak
> RoleplayRedux.pak
> RavencrestCouriers.pak
> More_wheels_o_pain.pak
> AquilonianBanners.pak
> Purge_Thralls_Fixed.pak
> AnyPurgeAnywhere.pak
> NorthernTimber.pak

Mod Mechanics & Our Settings

  • Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.9.2 This mod allows us to administer the server efficiently and effectively. Anyone provided with Moderator status will be able to the Pippi Panel to help run the server. Allows creation of “Kits” for anything, and other neat gizmos.

  • Kingdoms and Conquest (V: 3.0.0) With “Kingdoms and Conquest” mod, regulated PvP is added by capturable buildings throughout the map that produce rare minerals and items from EL, Siptah, and the Mod’s present. They’re based on radius-capture-timers that when succesfully held, provide protection blocks upwards 24 hours per incident. This is to provide intricate PVE-C competition and sources of Resource/Item procurement.

  • Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded - v2.3.7 With Kerozards “Paragon Leveling - Reloaded” mod, we’re providing ten more Attribute Point per 20 levels, equating to level 260, 70 points. Knowledge Points gained per level is On, Paragon Progression is also On,allowing Critical Hits against NPC’s and Player’s in PvP Zones.

  • Better Thralls v2.1.1 & Thralls are alive These mods allow you to essentially place Patrol and other orders to your Follower-Thralls, and Lamplighters that flip lights off an on, etc.

  • Devious Desires Using the Gear mechanic, you can position your weaponry on your body in any way imaginable.

  • SnowstormEx They barrel through the Frozen Biome, swirling around the Volcano.

  • Any Purge Anywhere No need to build foundations in every Purge radius to activate specific ones, everyone is susceptible to all Purges, anywhere.

  • Witch Doctors Allows the Feat to summon Undead Minions, provided by Admins or K&C Nodes.

  • Roleplay Redux The Roleplay Redux mod allows you to display your real-time location on the Map, by a button on the top-right. You can broadcast yourself to non-clanners, remember, its PvE!

Our Discord:

We removed SnowStormEx and installed Fashionist due to requests and changes.