QOL and PvE Suggestions

I love the game, but I think that there are a few little upgrades that the devs can put in to allow more cooperation in PVE and with PVP clans.

  1. Allow a player to build and/or use boxes and bedrolls on another player’s base. This could be controlled by the player to whom the base belongs and they could be able to set a limit to the amount other players could build via the options menu or build menu. The aforementioned player could also move the items on their base as if they built them, themselves, but not destroy them. This would facilitate cooperation for players who like to team up for boss hunting or thrall runs.

  2. Allow resources to be used by crafting stations when they are in a player’s involves and/or if there is a storage container near by. This will allow for streamlining inventory space and make management easier.

  3. More siege weapon options that are able to be manned by thralls. This could be fun for purge protection. Adding things like ballistas, trebuchets, or even more options for ammunition to the catapult could be very interesting.

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