Quarantine Event!

Both. :wink:

Blessing of Insight

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hmm then i need to log some hours in aoc :slight_smile:


Well said, my man. My niece is a nurse, other family members in law enforcement so they are out there. I am American and my area is dealing with things even though I am not yet in a hot zone. There are cases in the area, but nothing like NY and others.

A moment to speak of the insensitive names and comments in Global, it needs to stop. While I want to play more AoC, I may find myself somewhere else. I can ignore everyone I guess.

This is time we need to come together and not use a screen name to take out frustrations. Kill mobs or PvP for that.


Double Exp is great for all the returning players.

Not so great for people like myself who have 11 level 80s already, but heyho…ill grind that demo for the last level 80 and acheiv points :stuck_out_tongue:

Be a great time to introduce 10 Shard Rewards for Khitai HM/Unchained/Dragon Spine Dungeons. Stimilate some variety in the content, and reduce the passiveness of progression that is Raidfinder rings @AndyB 105 Hardmodes per gem. 135 for a ring.

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I wish normal raids drop next tier shards, following new items, I really wish to see more pugs from t1 up to t4 on global as we used too, I’m so tired of RF, it doesn’t require gear, AA, any build will do, almost no tactics, kicking options should be disabled during the fight, it’s so depressing ”fighting” with popping windows every 15s… but hey, you can’t have these shiny rings and gems from normal raids.

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The situation pushed people to play games. Apparently, it will not change for a few weeks.


I noticed a significant increase in new faces in the game. Consider extending the event. Some people are just beginning to cache the game client. It would be useful to speeding up AA points so that new players can enjoy endgame pvp faster. (As a permanent solution)

At the moment, the speed of obtaining AA points encourages to give up playing

Currently, developers make it easier for players every aspect of the game, which brings results in the form of more active players and improves the company’s financial result.


I would still like to see the ability to consume event crates re-enabled. I still have toons with a buttload of crates unclaimed. is it called ‘conqueror’s gift’ or something like that.

on a happy note, i was able to resub for another year without any hickups…

Save the Crates :grin:

Conquerer’s Gift buff comes from completing daily challenges during holiday or other events, and crates can be opened when it is running.

Next opportunity should be May 15th; the start of the 12th Anniversary event :pray:

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I logged into Fury yesterday (first time in Fury for a 1 year) and there was actually activity. Played 4 mini games and didnt have to wait in que.

Happy im not u.