Quarantine Event!

Like most people, I am now trapped in my home thanks to the pandemic affecting everyone. This could be a great time for AOC to help their loyal customers (make some quick cash too!) occupy their extra free time. How about doing a 3 month resub special with some bonus goodies. We dont know how long were going to be trapped at home, some of us will be playing more aoc than normal. Why not open up the bonus one man instances, offer a new rare mount, new vanity outfit, new rune stones, new pets and tack them onto a three month resub. maby do a world boss every week. people like new stuff, they still play this game. I cant see it being difficult at all to crank this out in a week. show your customers that you are behind them, and you can make a little profit at the same time. even swapping out the daily rewards should be a simple change. go back to the one with shards / pet / expertise points!

thanks for reading



I can see it now. Funcom implements a sub offer event, but the issues with the payment system cause even more massive failures. Dozens/hundreds more people get failed payments and locked accounts. Support ticket times instantly jump from 3 months to 6 months to get a response.


That’s true, with the mess they have with the payment system, the chances that it will backfire are really high! :laughing:
But some ingame events would be nice. :wink:

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Quarantine does not mean less work, and more time to gaming. Its quit the oposite for me atleast.
double the workload and less time to do the work cause kindergarten has closed also

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Yeah, some people are out of work and have a ton of time on their hands, others now have to juggle their jobs and children! Everything is getting screwed up these days.

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Everyone’s situation is different, and it would be nice for them to just open up some stuff to get peoples minds off of the bs going on with whats going on right now. changing out to an event with new daily log in rewards, maby a different world boss every week. open up solo event instances. this stuff can be done without charging us. just means servers need to go down once a week for changes… i think it would be a nice gesture from them to show they are thinking of their customers.


While I can’t believe I’m typing this, they could do different world boss every week, instead of monthly.

They can also double raid finder rewards temporarily.

I really wanted to type add increased rewards for real raids, but that’s been asked for years and we all know it will never happen…

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May 15th should begin the Anniversary Event. This could be activated sooner to incentivize activity without investment.

A simple solution to encourage more low tier raids is to change the cool-down timer. If people were allowed to do the raid more than 1 time …

its not like other games do offers because of this… oh wait


There is a 100% XP event right now. Thanks Funcom :heart:


We really need double XP boost right now. Veterans with over 12 alts really need it, Such a great move


Since I am levelling two characters right now the double xp is great for me. soon trying unconqured again, so that will be nice too. It might not apply to all, but it is nice to have something. :+1:


Почему нельзя продлить хотя бы до 10.04.2020?

Lol you trapped in your homes? What a cowards, are u afraid? I going every day to work no matter will be because if i dont i wont get paid and die from starvation. What a little problems you have…

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I am with Massochist… simply crap… although i’d have a toon for unconquered, but it still isn’t a great bonus.

Я не дома, а в командировке и нет возможности играть!

Some people, in some places, don’t have a choice. Some places are on lockdown, Stay at Home orders, businesses closed and layed off employees, or people are at high risk of complications due to things like age or autoimmune diseases. Some (typically those that can afford to) may just want to do their best to help those at-risk populations by slowing the spread of the virus.


Have to agree with Piankhi on this one. My wife work at a central hospital for Korona virus in my country, and the kinder garten is closed. So i have to be at home with the kids, and also i try to do a 100% workload.(meaning i work at night time) Its totally worth it considering it might slow down virus outbreak. Its not that i am afraid of the virus personally, its my parents whom are in their 70’s and neighbours whom are at risk cause other ilnesses, whom we try to protect. The hospitals have limited posibility to help out intensive care patients, and if the whole population get affected at once, it will collaps and I am sure we will have multiply deaths.


The double xp is it pve xp or pvp xp also?