Question about Armorers

I have a few questions about the t4 armorers:

Are the Relic Hunter Armorers bugged or did you remove them for a reason and when are they coming back ?

Is it on purpose that some armorers dont have speciall recipes or are the recipies just not implemented yet ?

Why is there no Armorer that can craft the Hyperborean Slaver Armor in flawless ? Would be awesome to craft because it will give mutch more flexibility in the current PvP Meta. (Agility Builds with flawless Hyperborean Slave Armor or Stygian Warrior f.e.)

Would be great to have the armorers as intended because 70% of the armors are just useless atm because you can’t craft them in flawless and this makes the PvP Meta really boring atm :wink:

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They were removed a long time ago when Sepermeru was getting revamped. They never finished this and never added the armorer’s back in. You can access them via the admin panel but they are missing their special recipes.

Funcom never bothered finishing the base game. I’m pretty sure all T4 armorer’s are supposed to have cultural recipes, but many do not. They’ll (probably) add them later.

Same as above, they never finished the game. I expected the T4 Hyborean armorer from The Black Galleon to have these recipes, but he does not. He can’t make any cultural armor, just the Black hand clothing (I think he has that one).

Unfortunately there’s a lot more missing from this game than just thralls and their recipes…

I have no idea how they can work on a DLC when they dont have such important stuff not implemented yet.

They’re working on both simultaneously, but it definitely doesn’t make players happy knowing they’re working on more content to charge us for when the base game is a buggy, unfinished mess.

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