Question about Berserkers..why?

Why do we have Berserkers in Isle of Siptah ? And second why are they easy to get ? Was players having trouble with content so they were added ? NIce my post was hidden that means I must have said something right and annoying to certain people.


They were ripped from the Exiled Lands against their will by sorcery. New factions were added during early access to breathe life into the map as a) whilst pretty to look at, there wasn’t much to do at the time and b) aquiring decent thralls prior to the npc camps being implemented was more difficult as there was only one way to aquire them.


Oh, I get npc camps just not Berserkers . Berserkers are what unbalanced thralls , well fighters anyway, on exiled lands. I have noticed most on my servers that don’t farm anything else except a few purges which with berserkers is fire and forget remote thralling. You have berserker fighters and archers with some ulrics in there for flavor when you get them.

I gues we should name it Isle of Zerkers ?

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At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the best Fighter Thrall is. It could be named Ooga Booga, and that is what people are going to gravitate towards if they are competitive in any aspect. Personally, I look for the best Thralls. But I also like that Zerkers come completely random appearance, so I can farm for an aesthetic I like. That’s rare enough as is.


Maybe make them respawn only once a day or week or something after a server wipe of them would be fun.

Longer respawn timers for a specific mob would only cause problems in the long run. I used to farm rare spawns with incredibly long timers with my Hunter in WoW. Not worth it imho.


That is kinda the point though. Less out there . L3 thralls were good enough army and the named where only a bit higher which was good as it still required the player to have fight too not just remote the battle away.

Why does it concern you how others play. You can keep an army of T1 Fighters if you wish, or none at all and Solo it all. Each person has a different play style, isn’t that the whole point of a sandbox game….


On a pve map yes I suppose.

Longer timers creates competition and frustration when rares with long timers do spawn. It also breeds trolls that get off on killing rares just to deny other players from aquiring them.


I personally build a group of diverse thralls because I don’t feel I really need more than a few super high end thralls.

But if people are going to build an army of thralls at least berserkers look different, which is less jarring for me than an army of clones


‘I will create a Grand Army of the Republic…’

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What you are talking about would cripple PvP. The person that got to that spawn would rule the map. As it would create a major imbalance. It makes more sense talking about PvE (if at all), if you wanna grind rarity it should be within the Purge or Surge.


That was the reason for the original question why did they even bring the Berserkers into siptah in the first place ?

Personally I am thankful that they did. However if it wasn’t Berserkers it would just be the next best thing to them. Something will always be better. I think what you’re asking for is more that you would like all T4 Fighters to be balanced across the board so you see more variety in names? But you also wish that they were extremely rare so not everyone had them or if they did it was at most one or two. To that I say with time and dedication the right player would build an army of them regardless, (Me, yes me.) As I stated I would rather see a rarity like that spawn from the Purge or Surge, a Golden Thrall if you will. I’m currently working on a Purge/Surge post, so you’ll probably see my expansion on that at that time.


Well there would be a “top” thrall but not a huge amount higher like zerkers are now. If you want a golden thrall you need to go the surges to get it but then others could challenge for it on pvp servers which is good. You can surges being summoned as you otherwise have to camp zerker camp every 15 minutes to keep someone from building an army of zerks.

Zerks make all others miles behind . Which makes most of the rest of the map pointless.

All of the named melee fighters from the Accursed faction hit hard. Remove the 'zerkers and everyone will most likely farm multiple copies of Dalinsia the Accursed for example, that’ll just create a clone army. Berserkers add variety. You also have to remember berserkers are incredibly popular as thralls on the Exiled Lands. Why wouldn’t Funcom want to use mr or ms popular on Isle of Siptah to promote exploration and thrall hunting?


Yes hunting themselves lol . They would be used to hunt clones of themselves.

I could have 20 berserkers at my base, rename them all and you wouldn’t have a clue who they were because of their random appearances. Can’t do that with Dalinsia, she’ll always have the same skin colour, hairstyle and breast size.


I much rather they buff the rest of the thralls in siptah and make it equal. This is the best chance they have since it’s a new map and changes are much more readily accepted. Why nerf or take away when you can buff or add?

Say for eg, the black corsair, had their attack modifiers to be higher than the zerkers. And the stygian merc had their armor buffed to a point where they will always have better damage mitigation. That way, it’s a choice, high health, high armor or high damage.

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