Question about daggers and bleed

I keep getting crippled by daggers AND bled in pvp…but i don’t seem to be able to cripple my opponents with daggers…is there a trick to getting daggers to cripple and bleed?

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There’s a perk that reduces crippling effects. As for the bleeding always bring healing wraps and high level foods (ie feasts or spiced)

Another tip is to bring with you 5 poison potions at all times and use it on your weapons, the first hit you gonna give is going to deal big damage.

none of that at all answers my question…the question was how do i cripple people with a dagger…everything else you listed i already know

I’m telling you people have activated the anti-cripple perk.

Use Heavy Attacks. One of them (I believe its the third or fourth) Cripples.

thanks…that’s what i was looking for

Aim for the legs. There’s local damage in that where you hit with certain attacks gives added effects, such as the light finisher with a greatsword being a trip/knockdown on human targets.