Unintentional dagger nerf?

Maybe the community can help answer a question I’ve had since the parity patch. With undead now being immune to bleed and poison doesn’t that pretty much cripple daggers in that setting? I feel for immersion the change makes complete sense but with a weapon that already falls behind in usage I dont believe it helps to make it even more situational. My question is how have dagger players circumvented this issue since patch against undead or do daggers just not compare in places like unnamed city and its best to just pick a different weapon?

I have a habit of switching between daggers and one handed swords as I want to have a weapon I can use with a torch available at all times.
So I took my daggers with me into the unnamed city and they were quite useful to stack bleed damage on the other bosses that are still vulnerable to them. Especially on the dragons and bat boss whilst our thralls tanked them and I could come in from the side or back out of most of the damage they dealt. But for skeletons I kept to the one handed sword.

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Daggers still do physical damage without the bleed or cripple effect. Since the bow tweaks, it’s a very good idea to use them before engaging with daggers in close combat, then be swift and dodge away to avoid enemy blows as usual. Alternately, what I’ve seen is spears rather than daggers for melee, for their higher range and damage ratio.

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That was pretty much my plan aswell. I recently acquired the predatory blade and venom infused daggers so I am trying to switch away from the greatsword for a more assassin vibe. Iv’e been looking into bows and special arrows to help aswell.

I like the idea that every weapon has its use, but no weapon is useful in all situations. I still prefer daggers against overweight animals, such as rhinos, mammoths and dragons; spears against cats and dogs and single people; and swords against things against which I have no specific preference (including undead)…

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