Question about online play with other players

I have played a fair amount of Conan Exiles solo.
Recently, a friend decided to try the game.
We played a few 5-6 hour sessions over the past two weekends.

There was a lot of lag between my friend on myself.
For example he would say that he was standing right next to me, but I would not see him for several minutes.
We would start fighting enemies, and I would hit him by accident, because the enemy appeared, but his character did not.

I am curious if other people experience similar issues.
If so, are there any tips at addressing issues like this?

This experience was on an official PVE-C server.
My PS4 is connected directly to my modem, game is installed on external hard drive.
I even restarted my PS4 and modem during one session to see if there would be an improvement in performance. There was not.

Thanks in advance.

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