Question about the Bazaar items offered?

A few quick questions…

Any chance of religion specific structure decor and placables?

Any chance of dye-able furnishing such as curtains or banners to more personalize bases?

And will cultures not yet implemented in DLC form, such as Vendyhian, Lemurian, Kambujian finally get some structures and such?


Good to see you again RavenS117! I absolutely agree with this suggestion, it would be great to have some more religious themed decorations and placeables for all religions across the board. But I am especially hopeful for some Crom placeables or artifacts. Please, it would be a wee bit disheartening if we could not use Crom coins to purchase any Crom goods.

For CROM!! :mountain_snow: :metal:

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also, hi Crom’s - good to see nothing has changed 'round here :smiley:


So true, Crom needs an overhaul cannot be covered by Croms coins only :man_shrugging:, other than that you already stated that this is blasphemy. So I cross fingers m8 and wait… One day Croms, one day :love_you_gesture:.

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Crom rewards noone. The moment we see crom rewards in the bazaar, people will lose faith. :rofl:

same to you Croms_Faithful.

Yeah was hoping to get an idea of what kind of items to expect in the bazaar to better decide if it is a feature I’m going to support or protest. You know to make an informed judgement, but sadly no reply from the community team. @AndyB @Ignasi

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