Question about triangle foundations (PS4)

So I’m trying to build a castle out of the Aquilonian cosmetics. I started off with an entire sandstone base and was going to build the castle on top of this. The issue is the square foundations snap with no issue, but the triangle only want to place on the ground. I can’t snap triangles to square foundations? Everything else snaps to those sandstone foundations. I would have just placed the Aquilonian to the ground but I don’t want grass and what not sticking through. Is this a bug or did I just waste 10$ of this dlc?

To clarify, what are you trying to snap to? Like a ceiling? You aren’t trying to replace your sandstone with Aqu? Or are you trying to replace?

Thanks for the reply. I built an entire sandstone foundation 1st so the grass wouldn’t show through. Then I started the aqua foundation on top of that. Square snap NP triangle won’t snap to anything.

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Could you screenshot what you are trying to do? Based on what you are describing and my understanding of it, I can do what you are trying to do just fine (PC though). So I’m probably misunderstanding something somewhere.

So if you’re building atop a sandstone base, does this mean you’re trying to place Aquilonian triangle foundations on top of square sandstone foundations?

If so, then no, you can only stack foundations of the same shape. So what you’ll need to do is work out the outline of the base in sandstone with the appropriate pieces and then build from that.

Oh is that what Samsquanch was trying to do? Ya, I completely misunderstood.

BoogerParty is right, you cannot stack triangles on square foundations. If there were more snap points added on to the triangle it could possibly be doable, but as it currently stands, no triangle will do this as is now.

Oh so I have to make the exact outline of the base I want in sandstone, then place the exact same aqu on top? That sucks but at least I know it’s doable now. Thanks so much for the reply(s).

Another thought, might be too late now, but you don’t need to have sandstone as your first row if you “dont want grass going through the floors” or whatever. I don’t know how to do it on PS4, but on PC you hold shift down and middle mouse scroll, and you can raise and lower the foundation higher or lower into the ground, usually allowing you to go above the grass.

Alternatively you can double up as you probably have to now, but you can ugprade sandstone to aqu jsut by “overlapping” the aqu over the sandstone (if you weren’t already aware).

Awesome thanks, didn’t even know you could do that on PS4. Just looked it up. Anyway I’ll prolly just stick with doing sandstone 1st since they are cheaper to replace than that Aquilonian blocks. I’m still pretty new (obviously) and this will be my 1st huge undertaking. I’ll mAke my mistakes with the foundation with sandstone, then place other on top. Again thanks for all the tips, most helpful.

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