Question about Xbox pve

I am trying to collect human hearts but when I kill people and use the dagger on them it doesn’t give me anything and everything I’ve found online about it seems to be all about pc…

I have also seen that the places I’ve watched people do it they have said about it being in the offhand section and to use LT to collect but mine is wielded in the main hand and it I try to use LT it just kicks out and does nothing else

Any help will be greatly appreciated


The set dagger used to be a left-handed tool before update 33 for the XBOX.

It is now a right-handed tool. The problem is that there is currently a bug that will not be resolved before 08-May (Release Date) where none of the holy tools are working correctly. This means we cannot collect hearts, flesh, essence, or ice shards. I am not sure what Derketo collects.

So asof release on the 8th it will all be working again?

I believe it will be fixed.

:smirk: Fingers-crossed!