Question: Agility weapon damage food

Has anyone found food that offers Agility weapon damage?

(I know the Exotic Feast offers +15 Strength Weapon Damage)

Is there a handy chart somewhere for 3.0 that lists the benefits for food?


Salted Exquisite Meat +15% Agility Weapon Damage, from Specialist Cooking IV.

edit: Cooked Grouper Fish, from Improved Fish Trap seems to have the same effect.



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And here I was thinking this was a question about which agility weapon best serves as a chef’s knife.

The katana, of course. Why do you even ask?

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If the wiki is still being maintained, this one has nothing but sympathy for all of the updating that just happened.

It is being maintained. I have great respect for the people who go through all that out-of-date information and replace it with accurate info. The amount of work it requires is massive, and I wouldn’t dream of complaining about the info I needed today not being there yet.

Heck, I was thinking of contributing some updates myself, but as soon as I got to the Wiki I saw they had already updated the pieces I was going to do…


It is an exceptionally valuable resource.

As with any mods in this time of tumult, the wiki must be given time to catch up with the reinvention of the game.

This one has had trouble having enough time to do dedicated documentation given the instability on the Sony side.

This one spawns three sets of armour, and all of the sudden they are deposited in the deep blue screen.

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