Question-Corner for the next Stream

I´m missing some kind of Question-Corner for the next “Conan Exiles” stream. Sure, you can ask questions at the stream or at reddit BUT why not here at the official forum?


Yes, that would be wonderful!

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I feel we’re better off creating ‘megathreads’ about specific issues (eg. Balance, Avatars, etc).

I think it’s about to get too overwhelming for the developers. Even just watching the DevStream today, the questions were just scrolling by… The fan population is rapidly increasing again, and too many people have questions about the game, or have concerns they want the developers to know about.

Megathreads help people discuss a topic from multiple sides. Organizing the conversation into a specific topic, and letting it brew for a long time, tends to let a wide range of ideas percolate to the top. And if you’re just asking a simple question, then other people might already know the answer.

The developers and community managers do read the forums, even if they don’t post much. So if you have questions or concerns, I’d suggest to post them here.

Do you expect people to ask how to learn a religion? :joy:
I think all those questions would be directed at current testlife “problems” or be based on personal interest, just the same way people kept asking about bow damage in that stream.
Also I can understand the wish to be able and ask in a thread for the stream. Just as you just wrote yourself, devs wont really answer on everything. This renders those streams the only time and place to ask those questions which are really itchy if you really want to get that question answered.

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Can you switch the colors on the temp gauge, so heat rises and temperatures fall very similar to a real thermometer.

I like this idea.

Pretty much the entirety of posts from TwinCrows appear intelligent and well thought out. This argument fairly well continues that trend. I agree that mega threads are a powerful tool. However, I also believe that we can (and should) have both.

I feel as though a “Dev Stream Question Corner” would be a great summary for devs and community managers to peruse the day(s) prior to the stream and trust them to seek mega threads for a deeper understanding of compelling topics. Also, savvy posters can provide links to those mega threads.

I would personally never subject myself to the (assumed) spam fest within the chat of a live Dev Stream, but would absolutely love the thought of my voice (or those with similar or exact feelings I’ve mentally assigned as quasi-surrogates) still being heard in direct relation to those streams. My hope is that said thread would be less clogged and polluted compared to live stream chat. Perhaps not a rational expectation, but rational is rarely fun.

A few streams back, @q9c9p put together a list of questions from different people on Reddit, and we got the devs to read and answer each of the questions on-stream. The devs said that the format worked well for them, so maybe they’ll be open to it again. They actually went through and answered every single question, which was a huge advantage over the selective ‘pick the good ones’ format they’ve been doing lately.

There’s just a few streams left until the game comes out, and Joel has said ‘no more streams’ are planned afterwards. So we’d better get our questions in while they’re still taking them.

I created a thread for our questions here: Questions for the DevStream - The Purge


I couldn’t do it again because I was working during this days but it should be done for every stream.
Gj twincrows

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Yes. This is great. And thanks much for the effort, TwinCrows. Now that it is here, I cannot seem to gather my thoughts, but I am certain to be back later with something meaningful to add. (I hope. Since it’s “crunch time”.)