Questions for the DevStream - The Purge

Hey folks,

Let’s put together another list of questions for the developers, and try to get them to read through it and answer on-stream. If you were there for the last DevStream, there were way too many questions being reposted when it was “question and answer time”. Maybe we can deliver them in a better format this way.

I’ll try to update the OP here with the most common / persuasive / important questions, and I’ll do my best to be neutral on things.

Try and keep your questions limited to the Purge.

Try to pose them in a Yes / No format, and keep them short. Try to give a supporting sentence afterwards, to help give the developers some more context on your question.



  1. On Roleplay servers, how will the Purge affect admin-built bases? Will it go after them, or no?

  2. Can server admins orchestrate the purge, by for instance, triggering a severe purge for all players simultaneously?

  3. Will we get traps to defend our bases, and can we hide these? We want more possibilities for defending our bases while offline — both against the purge, and against other players.

  4. Can you add some sorcerers to animal waves, to make it more believable for a pack of wild beasts to attack our stone walls?

  5. How does the Purge destroy underwater bases? Are Purge NPCs able to attack and dive underwater?

  1. Why won’t you put a CD on healing items? Do you want to kill the game?
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I spiced your question up, because I was also part of that discussion.

Purge and possibilities to defend your base when I am offline:
I know there will be more traps - can I hide them?


I’m somewhat co fused about the wording the devs had. I run a private server so we get to choose when the purge happens. So the meter goes up the more active players are, so if everyone is out of town that day does the meter not go up or is its accumulated throughout the week and I’d they aren’t on are they just SOL?

Is the purge meter a visible thing the player can track or is it just in the background so that you do not know while playing that the purge is coming?

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I’d assume they’re just SOL. They’ve accumulated a certain number of purges, that are saved up to happen when the purge is next available. In that case, as an admin I’d suggest to just disable the ‘Enable Purge’ option until everybody’s back.

I’ll transform your question into:

What happens when purge is restricted to a certain time frame? Do players accumulate purge points outside of this time? Does the purge instantly happen as soon as the time starts?

Let me know if that’s not alright, and I’ll reword it how you want.

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It’s been said to be a visible thing. You get a certain number of ‘notches’, and when those notches fill up, a purge starts.

An article somewhere cited Joel as recommending solo players to log off right before they hit the first notch. If they do, then they can hit that notch the next time they log in to trigger the purge, rather than trigger it for while they’re offline.

Can the Purge meter be hidden from players?

For example, running a server where the Purge events are unpredictable so players aren’t running back to bases in anticipation of an impending Purge attack (or simply staying in a base awaiting an impending Purge before going back out to farm resources or whatever), but rather only allowed to ‘react’ when a Purge attack is announced to be starting (like “Your base is under attack!” announcement or “Enemies are drawing near your base” message).

If players know when a Purge attack is nearing a start, it kind of defeats the immersion of the survival genre.
(I know some players will want the Purge meter and some won’t, so I’m hoping this is an option for servers rather than a forced playstyle.)

Cooldown is lame, they should add animations for drinking potions and for eating food just like in rust.



What’s up with the first hit of hammers not hitting anything on several players while working on several other players?

What’s up with insulated buildings making people fly/float/glitch through and bugging them to lag hell?

What’s up with the pick hitting animation not gathering stone the first 2-3 hits and then starting to work normally?

What’s up with steel pickaxe gathering only salt when hitting brimstone nodes?

What’s up with the use of bed to glitch through the silver-gold mine gate to have an unraidable base?

What’s up with the “items teleporting between walls” bug? the one where you toss a bag in front of a wall, toss items behind it and they will magically teleport in the bag on the other side of the wall?

Are we gonna get again stacking javelins? at least a stack of 5 please.

Gonna add more questions as soon as they come to mind.

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Either one is fine with me if it stops people from spamming them whenever they want.

think, but it’s only i my opition, they should take some base design from live version and show us how purge work on it for the futur stream.

taking some “unraidable” base

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No that’s perfect

Haha, they added the Purge to TestLive now.

I’ll limit the questions above to hidden mechanics, or balance suggestions.

For general info about the Purge, better to test it yourself of ask the community.

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And yet I cannot try it since I’m getting fatal errors on all servers i got a base in, battleye protected and not…

Awesome! I love the randomness and unpredictability to the Purge.



Feel free to edit as needed or omit anything you do not feel applies.



 1.) Will the settings option to set double-tap direction to dodge return at launch? 

(Or, alternatively, a means to modify the input.ini file to achieve this? I seem to recall having to modify the input.ini file at some point last summer to return this after one of the early combat updates, but I cannot remember the exact process.)


 1.) Is the possibility of any sort of change to archery for launch a definite no at this point? (As seemed to be 
 implied during the last stream.) 

    a.) A damage increase of any kind whether base or increased numbers on actual bows and/or arrows to 

    b.) A return of the ability to hold the bow drawn while aiming or indefinitely. Perhaps a quick explanation 
    as to why it needed to be removed for the current state of combat. (Unless one of these savvy forum 
    users can point me to where it has already been explained.)

EDIT: I am honestly not that savvy with forums these days. I’ve no idea why it automatically added those side scrolling grey windows into my post and cannot seem to get rid of them. I can message you with the text if those things removed the ability to copy and if you feel the content is appropriate for this thread.


I know there is silver mine gate but what do you mean than talk about gold?

Questions for the Dev Stream:

Can “The Purge” be set to 'humanoid NPCs only" (no animal attacks, but only creatures like human thralls, frost giants, and so forth)? I can see ‘people’ thinking an Exile (or group of Exiles) were a threat, but not waves of random animals… that would be unnatural. :wink: