Question of the Week: What recipes would you add using the foods/materials in game?

dahmer nommer: yog man meat and weathered skulls
meiwes chews: dried nord man meat and oil


So, oiled Nord man meat?



the meat in those hotdogs was no mystery 8P
…you spin me right round, sold by the pound. ;]


…Yog dogs…omg. Lol.


would you say dinner for them was…


I would add mechanics that make sense. Many of the food items seem out of order. Often something that actually takes some resources, and time, end up being lower quality food than other simpler items. For instance, a cooked pork dinner is mid-grade, but a simple fish, or shellfish that takes no trouble to make, is listed as high grade. A cooked pork dinner requires cooked pork rinds, dried berries, and mead. In other words, this is a significant time expenditure to create cooked pork dinners, but exotic fish, you just put the trap out there, pull the fish out, and cook it. This makes no sense. The quality of the foods should match their difficulty to make.

Foods made in the religious structures, should be the highest quality foods you can make. There should be significant benefits to them. They should, however, also require more ingredients…high grade ingredients. So only the best meats, best spices…or maybe even both spices…both mushrooms, etc… maybe even requiring glowing goop, honey, salt, etc… Make them the most expensive meals to create, but then, since they are created by the gods, they should then have the most benefits.

That said, why not make some deserts, like a mixed berry tart, cakes, cookies, etc. Add more ingredients to find in the world, such as apples, pineapples, poultry, vegetables, corn, wheat, cheese, etc… Then we can make more interesting things.

The black hand could drop a lot of hard tack, which is like a really thick, hard cracker. While not much more nutritious than something like the big bugs, it should have an extremely long decay timer. This could be combined with cheese, and jerky to make a mid/high grade meal that lasts a long time.

With just what’s in the game, we could make:
stuffed peppers (feral meat, and salt for mid-grade, and higher grade meat, honey, and dried berries for high grade)
meatloaf (using bread, salt, feral meat, and Savoury Flesh) This should be high grade, while meaty mashup should be mid grade.
use berries and honey to make jam. Combine with bread for a higher grade food. Mid grade with one berry…high grade with both berries.


Jar (little circle one) + ice + sugar cane(or some other fill in) = ice cream.

Decays quickly, and if you eat to many, you get a brain freeze. XD


You know I think you may be onto something here OaknStone! We already have Specialist Cooking I to X, we have Specialist Brewing I to III, so why dont we create a findable ‘Specialist Baking I’ recipe and hide it somewhere in the Exiled Lands? It could feature a few goodies such as baked meats, cakes, pies and deserts. Just a thought.


Atlas has a more interesting food growing and cooking system, and you get very real benefits from different foods. Some allow you to hold your breath longer under water. Some allow you to take more damage. Etc… The food in Conan seems boring in comparison.


I was thinking of homemade ice-cream, were you put stuff in a metal tin, and tape it closed and kick it around yard with kids. And then eat it after. XD


Go to your kitchen and start scratching your head, Nicole needs new recipes, you are the named cook here :joy::joy::joy:. Cook lvl 4 means chef, so work, work, work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Yes! It would only take to input a new feat in the game with some new grinding results! No more! And it only uses resources already in the game! Plus after level 60, there’s few things that alters the attributes!

  1. There needs to be a better way to get eggs. Maybe ostriches in animal pens should provide eggs? Perhaps a chicken coup?

  2. There needs to be some sort of balance in the food types, right now there are one or two obivous ideal foods in terms ot effort, heal, food and water.

  3. With buff fish giving buffs you might as well have most of the cooked foods give specific buffs.

  4. Specific pet related ‘treats’ which give buffs.

  5. Return the cultural foods, have them give an extra 10% bonus for thralls if they are fed the right kind of food.


more culture specific dishes next to general cuisines, with cooking being more rewarding ie
for now there is no point, because basic roasted haunch and stake beats all
if there would be food grade system so to speak that would be more encouraging
like roasted meats < general cuisines < cultural cuisines < special cuisines


Well the fermatation vat is the game.Fermatation can yield two things depending on the yeast, alcohol and vinegar.Vinegar can be used in pickling.It doesn’t say what spice it is ?and it’s in the game.Why not vinegar,salt,and spice and you have tabasco sauce ? The real ingredients of tobasco is crushed red pepper,vinegar and salt.I occassionally like tabasco sauce on my eggs.How about Tobasco infused eggs ?might have to come with a different name though cause tobasco might be trademarked?


yeah maybe more through food overhaul not necessarily focused on food and drink itself, but introducing wellness (or similar name) attribute that would allow to have beneficial and non-beneficial effects depending on how well character is nourished, eating charred meat and drinking riverwater is not really good in the long run, eating spiced pork washed with tankards of ale in other hand makes your barbarian chest hair grow more hair and made with iron


Poisoned / trapped foods.

Combine either poisoned glands or poisons with existing prepared foods. Looks like a pork dinner, BAM 10 poison stacks! Learns you for stealing my food!


How about more recipes to use clams in, like a fried fisherman’s platter or something? Clams are kind of a pain to get, but if the dishes had buffs or were generally filling, they might be worth the time. Aside from the buff special fish, pretty much only shrimp and unappetizing fish are useful right now.

Could also add a meaty flatbread with meat fibre leavening agent and mushrooms that has to be cooked in the kiln, but for Crom’s sake do NOT add pineapple to the game…


I think we can all agree that the more difficult something is to produce, the more benefits it should have. In this case, those clams or oysters aren’t hard to get…they are hard to get in a large quantity because you hand pick them, under water. A lot of the mushrooms, and lotus are hard to gather because they are in specific locations, and sometimes the mushrooms don’t respond to a sickle, meaning you have to hand pick them.

Other meats come on harder to kill animals. If we can have specific animal hides, why not specific animal parts for cooking special recipes? I suspect this is due to how some cultures actually believe that eating a rhino horn soup, makes them more…shall we say…potent? But the Devs don’t want to be associated with such superstitious ridiculousness. Oh…wait…Rhino Head Soup? LOL

Anyway, maybe we could have more of that? Aren’t Jaguars known for being great climbers? Aren’t Tigers and Lions known to be ferocious fighters? Couldn’t a Gazelle give more stamina? Could birds give more accuracy?

Also, religious foods take quite an investment. Why not make them even better?

The more it takes to create a food, the better it should be.


Mushrooms do respond to sickles, you just have to stand below the mushroom and strike up, there are a few places on the map where you can do it with puffballs.

You can also use axes and pickaxes on puffballs and picks on shroom amita.

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