More bread / vegetarian options

Can we get more bread variations? My Vendhyan character, Rani, as ruthless as she is, remains vegetarian for religious reasons. (and for an extra challenge for me) She’s getting over the honeybread and herbal tea diet, but the honeybread seems to be the only filling veg meal.

I’ve seen the new patch will have spiced bread. Fits well for Rani, she loves the spices, but how about a fruit loaf? Mix the berries with the bread. Perhaps a soup that doesn’t require meat to make?


There have been a large number of requests for Fruit Trees now. Here was my take on them in a previous suggestions list:

24. Fruit Trees:
It would seem that another user has just beat me to this one a few days ago, and it also seems to be becoming quite popular. As straight foward as it sounds, much like berry bushes, it would be nice to have a number of harvestable fruit trees and bushes scattered around the map. We could have a variety according to the biome. Four example, prickly pears in the Desert, coconuts or bannanas in the Jungle, Grapes in the cooler Highlands. A step further? Maybe something cool and unusual in the Volcano, and perhaps even something downright dark and tainted in the Unnamed City (again a reason to go back there), and so on. Sometimes its the simple things which give the most satisfaction.

While it would be nice if they could be found in the wild, and gave us s reason to go out and search for them, I would even be content with some seeds and the ability to grow them in Planters. I am still holding out hope that Fruit Trees will happen.

:grapes: :apple: :banana: :coconut: :tangerine: :melon: :pineapple: :peach: :cherries:


I like it. More recipes would be awesome. Personally, I think the aloe soup would be better with a vegetable broth, rather than feral flesh myself. :wink:

Also: there are already a couple types of mushrooms, various berries (desert and highland), seeds, etc. With a few additions, like grains, fruits, and a couple staple vegetables (yams, corn) there could be a cornucopia of foods to make and a whole lot of new recipe ideas.

I’d also love to see a few “placeable” food items, so we could put out dishes of food in kitchens and tables for display.

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What could be more earth friendly than picking Yog and eat the meateaters? Now that would be hardcore veganism.

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