Question on the change in level cap

Okay, there appear to be problems as reported by some players in global chat on Saga. There are complaints of players with level 80 AA perks in place. I haven’t encountered one of these yet. Yet…

  1. Will you please communicate with us and let us, your players know if there is still a problem with AAs and when to expect a fix.
  2. When will the level cap be raised?

Thank you,


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I have encountered this myself and seen some folks with gear/weapons that were outside of the level range. Im assuming it will be fixed when the level cap increases but sadly we still do not have the answer to when that is going to happen either sooooooooooooooooo … ???

They are not even answering, what a bunch of …

Solution is easy, no fix no money.

So when can people get experience again and level up on Saga Blood? Figured this morning since it has been a week but I don’t get any experience for kills and don’t see anyone in my guild over lvl 18

Bugged? Or too early?

Someone is sitting in OT yet, I hear that the AAs and feat points did not reset but then I don’t know of anyone who got the ‘benefits’ so can’t confirm it.

But not doing minis and such against full AAs and full feated characters. I thought this was fixed? Servers were down a full day yesterday, messed up Crom raids EU and US and still an issue?

Still an issue and still no communication. Just a usual day.

Is there any chance funcom gives us any updates or any response? stop ignoring, stop deleting threads(i know u will do it with this too), where is ur honor guys? whf is that??!

We’re planning on doing a server restart to raise the level cap, do the leaderboard thing, and also fix AA/Feats today. As soon as I know when, we’ll let you know!


Will be nice if you do it after Eu prime time and before American one if it’s going to be today

at least we got 1 response, thanks!

Mind that the are some saga quests progress all the way to 80 while others (like mine) that are stopped at lvl40.

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It should be today, but I don’t have an exact time yet. We’d like to avoid EU primetime if possible, but it may not be possible. We’ll see; again, I’ll keep you posted.

Edit: Looks like we’re going for it! The servers are coming down at 1:15 PM EDT to up the level cap and fix these issues.

Yup, my progress stopped at 40 too. FC should also fix p2w rings and boxes from Item shop. PVP exp and AA points from Item shop? Ridiculus. P2W killed Aion today. Dont kill AoC by this same politics please.

So you are not shutting the servers during the EU prime time, but 45 min before it. sad =(

When can we European people actually play organized activities like raids ?

Hopefully the downtime will not need to be extended and we’ll be able to raid 15m late ?

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We needed to get it out ASAP and we’re on the East Coast USA. It’s not like we’re deliberately trying to mess up EU raids, but we couldn’t just wait another day for this. Sorry for the trouble.

That’s the price you Euros have to pay for living in the future compared to us Americans!