Question- Private Server: Decay Timers on a Map Not Loaded

If a private server decided to run the new map, do the decay timers on the old map still run in the background?

For example:

The server I’m on is wanting to play the new map for a month then swap back to the old map for a month.

So I log in to the new map and play for a month then the old game is loaded in for a month…do the decay timers on the old map know that a month has passed by (how do the decay timers start/stop counting) and now everything is decayed because a month has passed or do the game decay timers only run if that map is actually running?

I just didn’t want to have a freshly reset decay timer on my stuff when the old map was set aside and find out when loading the old map a month later, the game thinks…whoaaaa, it’s been a month…let’s do some Decay’n, Yeeee Hawww!!!.. because the old map shut down on Sept 1st and now has startup date of Oct 1st so it thinks a month has passed.

Guess the real question is how do decay timers work, what do ‘they look at’ when determining when to start/ stop?

Hey there,

You can only run one map at a time. You can choose which map you want to play without losing progress (seperate databases/saves, seperate characters - no character transfers).

Decay timers’ times should only run when you are playing the map and be paused and saved whenever you choose to switch maps.

Server owners who want to run the Isle of Siptah should read this thread:

If the server is running Exiled Lands map then the times will run as well, if the server is offline or running another map they won’t. You can ask your admins to disable the decay completely if they are all planning to play on the new map for a month.

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