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First questions is…Someone know why pets disappear…when i go to log event, it says pets have been killed by “Thief”…im on a PVE-conflict server and this happen during non PVP time. Does it ever happen to anyone???

Second question…when we have thralls fighter and archer, they are normally suppose to defend the camp…but when we are attack by purge or player…they dont do anything…they just attack surrounding pets.

thanks for the help

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

It seems someone is luring a boss or other thrall to your pets and killing them this can happen anytime. build a wall around your pets and see if you still lose them.

2ndly if your being attacked by players no your thrall will not attack them unless your on a pvp server.

A purge however, your thrall SHOULD be attacking them unless you have to many on the playing field. only so many will attack at once.

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you mean if i have too much thrall in the same zone…they will be like confuse…

i had like 8thralls on a bridge of 4x16

@greenarrow put your archers on a foundation high pedestal with crennelations to keep them in place and allow them to fire arrows should help with purges and kited bosses .maybe a bit taller depending on terrain .

thanks for your help

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