Will pets automatically defend against a purge?

Or will they just stand there, like 5 of my hyenas do when I am being chased by 3 panthers?

Single player, local setup.

Supposed to, yes. Testlive I think improves on this a bit but we expect more AI improvements to help improve thrall and pet combat after the next patch.

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I am, @multigun, looking forward to the renovations headed our way and have high hopes :slight_smile:

I was wondering about now, though, since I have yet to turn it on and want to in a few days (several more bases to shore up).

They should now yes, except I know Archer Thralls specifically are bugged at the moment on live and will discontinue fighting after their first engagement.

Sounds good enough for me. I use a few thralls, mostly melee, but concentrate on pets for aid and defense.

Only if they following you. In guard mode they attack every time (at least here on a private server).
If the archer is a follower, then you are right.

Good observation, I was wondering about a specific set of circumstances, though …

I am at the west end, Sepermeru, and I get notification a spawn is starting at the east end, near a base close to the Derketo trainer.
If I do not get there in time, will my pets watch the spawn destroy my base, or will they defend?

It seems as if @mikelei is saying they will stay passive unless I am there to provoke them, by hitting an attacker.

Apologies if I am getting too specific, but I have a lot to lose there.

I am also on a private server.

Maybe you misunderstood me. What I mean is, that the archer bug only hit a thrall, if the thrall is your follower.
Otherwise, if you have placed the thrall to protect your base, the thrall starts attacking an enemy every time, the enemy came close enough to trigger the thrall.
If the thrall is an archer, the thrall will not stuck after the first attacker are down.
I have a base where a croc comes by from time to time. Anytime the croc is close enough, the archers starting to shoot until the croc is down.

But if the archer is your follower, he will stop attacking enemies after the first fight.
The archer will be in this “passive” mode until the server reboots.

A “normal” behaviour for followers is, if you do not attack an enemy the follower also will not attack (i.e. your are running through the swamps and a bunch of gorillas or panthers are behind you. Your thralls will running with you and will not attack until you attack first.
Sometimes they wait for their first attack until you get your first hit by the enemy.

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I have a larbe scorpion that spawns near me and my pets always attack it without me aggroing it… With that in mind I would assume yes. Im not sure though

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Yes, @mikelei, I do understand you now, that was a good description.

I may have mislead in my original post; let me try again, specifically …

At the southeast obelisk there is a pack of panthers every time I land there and I got tired of killing them, so I placed 7 greater hyenas and a feed box just at the top of the closeby hill.
Spawning into the obelisk I head for the hyenas, often with three or four panthers nipping on my a$$.
The hyenas are resident, they stay there, not followers. Unless I hit a panther or a panther hits me, they watch in amusement (certainly not mine).

Not a big deal since they engage when I start combat and then it’s my turn to be amused :slight_smile:

So, given that behaviour, I am trying to find out if it applies to a purge, hoping someone has the same set of circumstances. Will hyenas or any other pet I use do the same with incoming hordes?

@DoomsFury, that is a good point of reference and helps, thanks.

p.s. I tend to overthink things.

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My panthers attack wandering hyenas and darfari. They don’t touch hyena hatchlings.
If there is a purge of humans I have to fight them away from my base. Otherwise the panthers kill the ones I want to convert.

Do you have there any buildings (i.e. foundations, small hut)?
My experience is, that thralls “protect” your buildings and attack every enemy within a trigger range.
If you have there no building, try to set up a small hut and test, if your hyenas then attack your aggro cats :slight_smile:

That is exactly the experience I wanted to draw from, @Chaonike, thank you :slight_smile:

Given that, my intent is to have a set of deployable pets for a critter attack and a set of truncheon-armed thralls at the ready for the humanoids. Loot is irrelevant, but picking through unconscious NPCs for a named blacksmith is priceless.

@mikelei, damn good idea. Easy to test if a hut has blocked a spawn point but observable to see if the results are what is expected.

Thanks, guys !

I’d like to add that on SMP, pets and thralls will attack any hostile mob that you’ve attacked or been hit by near to them. After you log back in you will need to attack or get hit again for them to keep doing this. Sometimes, if I hit one of my thralls, they’ll also start attacking nearby enemies.:thinking:

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