Questions for potentially returning player

1: Are battle passes still fomo? can’t go back and grab old ones?
2: Are those actual ships i see, is that a thing now?
3: Can you travel between siptah and exiled lands like they said we were gonna do?
4: Everything you can get in siptah can you get in exiled lands cause i’m seeing threads about neglect in siptah.
5: Is everything that appear on the cash shop fomo too?
6:For unofficial / private servers, whats stopping mod creators from just taking items from the cash shop and putting into a mod? Hence is there mods for that kind of stuff?
7: Can battlepass progression happen on non official servers?
8: last time i played conan they were putting tame limit on thralls and animals, is that still a thing? Is that limit removable on unofficial / private?

  1. Items from previous battle passes haven’t returned so far.
  2. Don’t know what ships you’ve seen. Overall, there’re no ships in the base game, but some in mods.
  3. In single player, yes. In multiplayer, afaik no.
  4. Some items yes, some items no.
  5. Many items have returned, maybe all, so no.
  6. It’s not allowed. Also, I guess there’re technical restrictions to enforce that.
  7. Yes, even in single player. The battlepass can be completed in a very short time if one is willing to cheat a little. Even without much extra effort, though, you get through the challenges very quickly.
  8. There is a limit on official. It can be turned of in private servers and single player.

Your questions suggest that you’ve been away for some time. A lot of changes have happened since then not related to your questions, some positive, some… questionable. It may be worth checking the game out to see for yourself.

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Eh when they introduced the battle pass system as fomo i left. Vowing to not return till you can purchase older battle passes. The cash shop irks me but not as bad as fomo battle passes. When I googled conan exiles and entered their main page it had npcs on ships and i was like :o is that a thing now?

But the one you considered questionable I know before the battlepass system there were decor mods, lots of survival games had them and when i saw cash shop introduced i thought to myself “whats gonna stop people from seeing said items and then making a mod for all of them?” I have 0 programming / game design experience to make mods so it was more of just curiosity than devious planning.

But I do really appreciate ya answering the questions :slight_smile: maybe next year or 2 then.

Happy to help. See you in one or two years maybe. :wink:

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If it survives a year or 2.

There’s been slight increases in population when new ages and chapters release but that’s mostly curiosity and then wanes again.

Don’t get me wrong here, not like I am ringing the death knell but the signs are all there especially since it is a Tencent game now.

As for transfers, yes singleplayer and no for Official servers, but some private servers use mods that allow transferring.

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