Quick decay w/o event log notif

Game mode: Online
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PVE
Region: Desert, entry from the oasis in beginner area.

Two members of my clan and I are always online and we always go between areas we built which is mostly a large open area near the summoning base. At least one of us hops on the check on our building but lately the builds I do the day before seem to decay when I am offline in less than a day? For example, I built a stairway going down to an oasis near our base, the next day they were already gone. We were not hit by a purge, and the info does not show in the event log.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build? I have no clue what happens for it to decay faster.

Is it always the same building pieces? I don’t think it is decay, but rather stability issues.

I (along with many others) have noticed some building parts are bugged under certain circumstances and although they place correctly initially, they collapse at next log on or server reset. Stairs and wedges are particularly finicky.

More info and/or screenshots may help correctly diagnose your issue.

I think it may also depend on the size and material of the structure, small structures made of sandstone (they have to be very small though) have a much shorter decay timer than say a T3 base. Haven’t really looked at decay timers on a stair case but it may be a similar situation.

If these stairs aren’t connected to your base or in very close vicinity, they are treated as a single structure. Being that it’s just stairs and likely a small structure, the decay timer is likely very short.

If you rebuild them, take a repair hammer with you and note the decay timer.

I’ve seen some things have decay timers of 4 hours…elevators I’ve built for easier access to places. I learned that you need to spam in some foundations, decorations, etc around it to lengthen the decay timer.

By far the best reply i can give you is a question. What did the timer on the stairs say when you looked at it with your repair hammer?

I experienced similar problem. Small structure consisting of 3x t3 foundations, 2x decorative plants and 1x statue close to bigger building, but not connected. Timer was 140h, disappeared next day in front of my eyes. No logs. Area near north entrance to relic hunter city.

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