Races and bonuses

Well, kinda hard being an atheist with giant bronze statues, giant ice men, giant snakes and giant eldritch abominations walking/slithering/floating around … doesn’t mean you have to worship them though, there could be a option to be a godless ■■■■■■■ if you wanted to.

Perhaps Crom “worshipers” could have some kind of advantage in defending themselves against avatars or some ■■■■.

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Agreed. There are currently some facial differences when choosing your race, but unless they narrow down the options–hair and eye color as good starting points–you may as well just be picking a culture.

It is apparent that the developers took time to hone the racial feature variations of the NPCs in their camps and villages (New Asagarth only housing blondes and redheads), why not bring those parameters to character creation?

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I had kind of hoped some of the feats would have been race specific. For example, Hyboreans getting a strong resistance to frostbite, while another race (shemite, maybe?) gets a strong resistance to overheat. That kind of thing.

I think it’s better as a role playing choice, but if they add bonuses, they would have to be ones that do not benefit any particular build over another, which could be tough to do.

if they would add only really small bonus for the start, like +1 or +2 or perhaps +1 and +1 this would not change the game a lot. It would be mostly representation of lore for each race that you can find while creating your character

I like the way it is now, races for RP purposes.

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