Radial Menu Tweaks to Reduce Repetitive Stress Injury

So after having to dismantle a couple thousand blocks over the weekend, my mouse arm feels like it’s about to fall off. While I was able to utilize the driver software in my gamepad to automate long-pressing E to call up the radial menu, I couldn’t simulate the necessary mouse movements, and continually having to push up on the mouse and click has made me painfully aware that I’m not immune to RSI.

While I suspect that (given enough time) I’ll be able to figure out a hardware macro or AHK script to handle this, I think that it would be better if a couple tweaks were made to the radial menu to benefit everyone.

  1. Firstly, allow an optional keybind to instantly open the radial menu instead of having to long-press E.
  2. Secondly, allow the radial menu options to be selected using the existing keybinds we’re most apt to already have our fingers over: move forward/back, strafe left/right, and jump (i.e. WASD & Space for most players).

Doing this would eliminate a lot of the more fatiguing actions, and make being a good neighbor (by cleaning up old construction) a lot less onerous.

Failing that, a simple keybind that (when double-tapped) would delete the block you’re looking at would be a godsend. In this case, to avoid mishaps, perhaps have it function only while your hammer is equipped and the stats are visible.

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