Ragdoll Physics

Ever take down a creature, big or small, harvest it, and then you think you have super strength as you knock it halfway across the map?
I’m exaggerating, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to chase down a corpse to harvest because it ragdolled away from me whenever I hit it.
It would be a much needed improvement if this was fixed.


I have been playing since EA and this bug has been around since then. There used to be some bugs that were much worse where thousands of creatures were coming out of one creature. I seriously don’t think they will ever fix creatures launching, even though they did have problems with them flying in the air. I also don’t think they will be able to fix rain in your base, being stuck in heavy breathing, an arrow sticking out of the top of your tool, stamina bugs or peter panning on ceiling tiles and stairs. They are still too busy adding features that were supposed to be in at launch May 2018, stability still, oh and the DLCs.

It should be called Broken Exiles, how can you play it?

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The same way I did for months on end. lol. I’m pretty easy going sometimes so I guess that’s why. I enjoy it a lot even though i know it has issues, but I’m an optimist on a lot of things.

But if the point comes where everything starts to fall apart and it doesn’t get fixed, then I’ll reconsider. It’s still playable for me right now.

I play on pc but still: A few days ago I was fighting a world boss. While standing in a small terrace below it, I delivered the final blow against it’s feet. This send it flying way up into the air and out of redner distance. Because the game fade out chracters/buildings later when moving away than it does when approaching, I still could see it landing. However, while running towards the place it came down it disappeard leaving me unable to harvest the skeleton key :expressionless:

Wha what… You dont like flying rhinos?

I love my flying rhinos… I actually kinda miss the 1st hit, were they went “weeeeeeeee!!!” across area. XD

I do get a giggle thou, at how they leap when they die. XD

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