Raid Achievements (Mastertimers)

Some of you might be interested in how to do all those Mastertimers in Tier 1 to Tier 4.

Well, we gathered a lot of capable raiders from different guilds and tried to get all the achievements over around two months.

These are the results! A special thanks goes out to @Honey who got all those people, provided us with magnificent strategy artworks and last but not least lead those raids.


Tier 1 Yakhmar

Tier 1 Kyllikki

Tier 1 Vistrix

Tier 2 Wing 1

Tier 2 Wing 2

Tier 2 Wing 2 Ahazu-Zagam

Tier 2 Wing 2 Chatha

Tier 2 Wing 3 + Leviathus Bosstimer

Tier 3 Lower + Arbanus Bosstimer

Tier 3 Upper

Tier 3 Upper Louhi

Tier 3 Upper Thoth-Amon

Tier 4 General Sheng

Tier 4 The Imp

Tier 4 The Emperor/Yah Chieng

Tier 4 The Jade Citadel

Tier 4 Memory Cloud


Very nice, good job!

don’t you want to do it again? I’d like to be a part of it.

Adding my Instance Videos too if any interested :slight_smile:
Thank you everyone for joining and getting us through it^^