Raiding gear under powered now?

Hey guys so i’ve recently went on a raiding spree because my server broke out into all out warfare. We deployed yog and ymir on several bases one of which was tier two and yog was unable to break much of anything. If these are supposed to be super weapons they certainly don’t feel like it anymore. Ymir is also unable to do anything infact our explosive jars seem to do way more damage!

Set is the only god that does any damage right now. But if u build up high he cannot hit u because of how he attacks. So yea my tribe has just been using the god bubbles right now.

It has come to my attention again that not only gods have been nerfed to hell and back but so have other raiding materials. What exactly is going on? We can’t break things with weapons because it does 1 damage to all tier of building which makes no sense. My obsidian great sword should easily smash a wooden door. Our bombs deal very little damage to tier 3 walls anymore and it seems that the only gods you can actively aquire are worse than explosives! Pvp raiding is now non existent on all levels. My group has wasted tons of mats to summon gods and craft explosives today with very little results. This needs attention asap.

Avatars aren’t nerfed, they’re just not working, except Set. But yes, the rest of raiding mechanics got nerfed due to all the whining before launch about how easy it was to raid. So rather than actually making raiding more challenging, they just made it more expensive (i.e. about 120 bombs instead of 60 to bring a vault down). To make matters worse, trebs don’t work on vaults or altars, and avatar shields are perm again. Raiding is just messed up right now. Thankfully with harvesting at 2x, bombs aren’t terribly difficult.

I hope this crap gets sorted out soon =.= if things are going to be that expensive they need to lower the dang weight on them because you can’t even carry a large quantity of stuff without 50 points in encumbrance which makes you weak in combat.

Yeah, it’s stupid silly that I can stack 20 dragon fire or like 100 stone jars and they each weigh a fraction of a full unit of weight… but turn them into bombs and suddenly they weigh 10 each and are unstackable? Cute.

I think they are afraid to make the game how they want it e because so much depends on this games revenue…Of course the irony being they are hurting the game by pulling punches and nerfing everything to try and extend game longevity…

I’m guessing the nerfing of XP and items will actually drive off players rather than increase retention.

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