Random HOLES; no specific area

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

I find that NPC’s (especially at New Khemi Docks, often thrall-taking), and my followers routinely fall into holes in the map and become un-attackable and no longer interact with the current encounter. The visual representation is the avatar is “in the ground” up to their chest.

Solutions for followers seem to be withdrawing to a distance where the “game” automatically re-posts them to “catch-up” to where my avatar is… but in a crowded area, can cause multiple “adds” which change the nature and intent of what might be considered “fair-play”. Otherwise, what I planned as a “two person team encounter” is otherwise now a solo endeavor cutting my effectiveness and follower-added damage, aggro-pull to present the mob’s back, significantly.

This has happened on the beach, between blocks on my builds, at edges to walls, what appear to be seams in blocks for in-game structures… I don’t see any particular area or condition that is common to where this occurs. It’s as if the “avatar” footprint is not rendered large enough to NOT fall into literal cracks where rendered blocks are not “taking up space” on which to “stand”.

see image netted recently:

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By the way, crocodile bosses have recently been regularly driving thralls into ground textures with their sharp attacks. A few days ago, the crocodile boss at the crocodile lake drove me into textures. After his attack, I fell through the bank and ended up in the water. It turns out that the lake continues under the textures of the shore. I was able to swim, climbed ashore and saw the impudent back of the monster retreating with the look of a winner. :smirk:

lol… thanks for the support. I’ve usually got the “Papa needs new luggage” or “alligator shoes” on my mind heading into those encounters… ;-D

You likely realize, the beach scenario isn’t the only place this is happening. Notably, at points like New Khemi Docks where stone wall blocks meet stone floor blocks… guards, my follower, and sometimes my own avatar fall into open spaces.

Thanks for the entertaining reply.

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