Random Loss of Stamina

Game mode: PvE Server 3890
Problem: Stamina will deplete while walking
Region: US

I have noticed over the last week that at random times my stamina bar will turn grey/silver as if I have none, and quickly deplete. It acts as if I am encumbered or sprinting, but it’s not the standard yellow color.

Let me be specific.
I sprint for a distance, fight something, etc.
I stop sprinting/fighting/whatever and start walking/evading/whatever before my stamina is completely depleted.
It starts to replenish.
Before it fully replenishes, the line turns grey and starts to deplete while I’m walking/evading/whatever.
I can stop, and the line will immediately change to yellow and replenish. That’s fine when I’m walking in a relatively safe area, but in a fight it’s a tad problematic, especially with these new MONSTROUS FREAKING SABRETOOTHS WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!

But anyway, it appears to be a bug.


Hey @speedice

We’ll send your info to our team.
Thanks for the heads-up

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