Raw Oysters break mah immersion

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Region: [ Worldwide ]
Mods?: [ Not necessarily ]
Edition: [ All editions ]

Bug Description:

Raw oysters cause food poisoning and if picked off the ocean floor and consumed immediately, they should be better than cooked (cooked is even more disgusting). They may be the consistency of snot but a fresh oyster should not poison you, even if it does nauseate you.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Lose self respect
  2. Decide to eat oyster
  3. Eat oyster
  4. Get food poisoning

You completed the being allergic achievement!

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It does raise the point that the survival perk should just allow you to eat putrid meat. If it aint putrid, should be edible.

Yup, living in Japan as I do, raw oysters are great! Even supposed to be a natural aphrodisiac…

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thats not a bug tho its just something that doesnt work how you’d think it does. besides, oysters in the conan universe can be very different for all we know

not to mention raw oysters in real life can also contain a seriously bad bacterium that can make you very sick at best and kill you at worst


Oysters…this is the break in immersion. Not the instant spawning of foundations. Not the constant guteral noises while jumping and climbing sounding like a 70’s adult movie. Not the 30 ft tall dragon that you can take by yourself with stone daggers…but oysters.


Yes. Oysters.


you’d be hard pressed to beat a dragon adult with just stone daggers. those things have over 40k hp

Yup, that was definitely a nonsensical remark for sure! I mean it is possible but it’s a bit like taking out a giant with a sling and a small stone - you’re gonna need skill, a bedroll nearby, and a whole lotta luck to pull that off!

I did it only once and it took forever. The key is to just get to the 20 bleed and maintain the bleed. Don’t go toe-2-toe with it. That just hurts.

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Yeah, and if you’re character is at a level where stone daggers are actually something you would use then you can’t make a single mistake or misstep the entire time either. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I blame @Wak4863 for it. Saw his vid on taking down dragon’s with daggers and got me thinking…is it possible? Found out it is but not practical. Now the undead dragon…yeah that’s a different story and you need that pink stuff that apparently is like water to Cimmerians.


For sure… Although on a bet I took down the Undead Dragon naked with a starmetal 2H Hammer. :slight_smile: Red Mother is another that would be terribly difficult to try this stuff on - IMO.

Haha. Your complaint has been noted. Please allowed 10 - 500 business days for us to investigate.

Immersion breaking :thinking: how about being able to jump from any height land on a sloped roof and walk away like you just stepped off an elevator.


I do that every day. You need to git gud.


The statements of @darthphysicist does not represent Funcom. Funcom’s official stance is that you should not jump off a skyscraper because you will not be able to slope yourself to safety with a seven foot high 45 degree sloped roof.

Written by Er,Joh, and Craz E.


Yep 20 stack is @50 hp per sec…or 3000 hp per minute.

Not a oyster lover myself BUT I will pass your feedback over to our design team :oyster: :oyster:


Well that’s better than Sony.


I’m sure they’ll all be expired by then, XD

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