RE: A Tearful Farewell

So it looks like this time it’s for real. If you’ve seen my last post about losing my base due to no internet, this time it’s been confirmed. The cable company wants $7500 to install underground wiring to the house. They can’t go above ground and so require city permits to drill and lay the cable. It’s been a wild ride, but this is where it ends for me. I thank you all for the support and recommendations, but my hands are tied. I’ll still be poking around on the forums, but my online gaming will be gone for the foreseeable future. If anyone is on ps4 and wants to take a look, official server 3735 In grid H8 next to the lake. Thanks again everyone!

If I may be so bold, I live in a place surrounded by cable and fibre, but due to my rural location I have very little in the way of speedy bandwidth. If you can get a POTS (plain ole telephone service) you can almost always get DSL. In my case it’s aDSL (800Kb max up, 6.6Mb down), or asynchronous DSL. Cheap and sleazy, but it plays the Cone.

Fight on, friend.


You don’t need cable internet to play Conan. Plus to prevent decay, you can log into game using a laptop tethered to your phone anywhere in the world except maybe North Pole and Antarctica. I have done it many times.

Logging in / keeping a timer running for a short time, versus keeping up-to-date with sometimes massive patches etc are two very different things though. A lot of the alternate solutions are either horrendously expensive when used heavily (such as for streaming Netflix etc or games downloads), and/or simply usage metered/limited.

Obviously I have no idea if that applies to the OP, and I do think it’s worth seeing what’s available out there.

Maybe you can hotspot off your cell phone, and log in to refresh your timers? Or, if you can afford it, maybe get a laptop and go to a place with wifi?

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