Read if you are afraid of being banned

will yeah, might is a good way to observe a false report…They will decide if the person reporting was being a troll or honestly thought there was an issue. BIG difference.

There are a lot of people who may think it is not okay to build a wall around an island, and report it, but if that is a wall, and is done in a “creative” way that fits in the scheme of building a castle in Conan, then no harm no foul on either side. but if that person keeps reporting the same clan over and over for these types of things, then they MAY discipline. Again, you seem to take the hard road of no rules…and that is okay. but if Funcom wants to enforce rules on THEIR SERVERS, then you may need to find a private that they can’t interfere with.


Oh, ok, so now its all good just to assume Funcom will do things when they have not clearly stated what the procedures will be. Well, you realize what happens when you assume…

….and when have I ever said that? Seriously, find me a post where I say “there should be no rules on officials”. Ill wait, but only until you give up since Ive never ever said that. But, to each there own, make up stuff about me all you like, it doesn’t bother me, rather it gives me a laugh.

See…here in lies the root of why Funcom will potentially get spammed with reports, and why it would be hard to enfore any penalty. You see a wall as “creative” or maybe even “decorative”. How many threads on here you see people complain that they cant get around or over someones wall? And guess what their next line is… “can they get banned?”

The issue is what you see as good, I may not. What I see as ok, you may not. So, Funcom may get more reports on some things that are just people complaining about an inconvenience…when its not harming anything. Enough reports on that may get people banned, because the reporters were too lazy to walk a different path. Ive said it before and Ill say it again, this is opening a can of worms for Funcom and they haven’t done their proper homework on explaining them. “At our discretion” is just a spectrum wide excuse to make things up as they go (in terms of what will be ok and what isn’t, IF someone gets punished this time, but that person does not.) To be right and fair, they need to list everything out crystal clear, not only what is bannable, but what doesn’t constitute a report. Yes, this may be hard to do, but they chose this path and they have to live with it. The end result will just be a flooding of reports.

Edit: So, whoever flagged this, mind sending me a DM as to why? Kinda curious.

Aren’t you making assumptions too, just in the opposite direction? WhatMightHaveBeen assumes that Funcom investigates reports before banning, you assume that they don’t. As you say, Funcom has not clearly stated what the procedures are, so you’re no more informed than anyone else.

It’s likely that Funcom won’t specify their procedures publicly so as to make circumventing them harder.


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To answer how to make a report and what is required, check the section on Reporting an infraction Which is the last section here.


No, hes assuming they will do something they have not said. Im saying they might NOT do it, because they haven’t said they would. Theres a difference.

Correct, but I am disagreeing with WhatMightHaveBeen because they haven’t stated their procedures on what course of action would be done in the case of investigating a ban. He assumes Funcom will go look at every case to determine if a ban is necessary. I said they wouldn’t because Funcom stated they cant look at every server to admin it, because there is 1000’s of them. That’s fine, weve accepted that. But, to assume they will check every report isn’t correct because they’ve never said they would. If they require so much hardcore evidence of cheating…why do they need to go look? The hardcore proof should be all that’s required, right?

I seriously hope this is not the case. It opens yet another can of worms…uncertainty of what can or cant happen. Its like shooting in the dark, you just never know what could happen.

Before some poor widdle fella gets triggered and flags this response too, I am in no way saying people should cheat or be idiots to others. However, if Funcom wants to be very strict on their new rules, they need to be explicitly clear on every detail…otherwise, its just a failed attempt.

Question for you then, since it is not stated.

We’ve seen in the forums in the last week or so, about 5 threads of people wanting someone banned for their buildings/spam. Lets say on a PVP server, someone has put some spam around an area to prevent land claim, but it does indeed make it harder for players to get around. It does not block anything. A player reports this for spam.

Now, this is where it gets murky.

By your rules there is nothing wrong with it. Its not blocking content, resources etc. If it is for defencive purposed, to keep people from building close to them, its ok. So does that player, who read your rules, and seen that spamming foundations can lead to a ban, does he get reprimanded because of a misinterpretation of the rules and their lack of knowledge on clearing it? Funcoms stance has always been “theres in game mechanics to deal with…” On PVP servers, there should be ZERO reports for spam or land claim, because there are ways to deal with it, correct? PVE, yes, that needs to be addressed because you cant clean it up.

Never said every case. I said as needed. Big difference.

And side note, I am a manger. When i discipline an employee that has broken a Company rule, i do not share how or what i did with the entire company. The decision and “investigation” is between me, HR, and the employee. Funcom seems to be doing the same thing. because you want to insure you have a say and how they do it, you want them to share it with you. Best bet is don;t break the rules, and you never have to worry about it. If you apm message and make “sarcastic” threas to other players on a server, you put yourself in the position for them to discipline. It is sounding ( or reading???) more and more like you tend to get into verbal war fare quite often on your server. As well as possibly employ cheesy (not exploits) mechanics, and are now worried you or a clan you are associated with may have crossed the line. You know how I know i won’t be punished ever on a server, i don’t engage like that. I exit any clan that starts doing anything i find cheesy or greify. And report things like under mesh spots, exploitable bugs, etc… So i am comfortable stating that. I went to every server (15+) that i do not play on once the rules were posted, and removed my self from every clan, since i am not playing n the server with them. It is called being responsible for my decisions. And after all this, if i do get a ban, I am sure i will be able to trace where i made the decision to look the other way of a clan mate, and just take it on the chin.



They will check the servers isn’t the same as “they will check servers as needed” Context matters in the case of banning people that may be justified or not.

So as a manager have you never had meetings to go over issues before? Have you ever seen a complaint about something then had to address everyone as a group? Im not against (most) of the rules, all Im saying is they need clarity. Funcom has never stated they will go onto a server to investigate claims. You assume they will. They almost need to though, because how else do you stop false reports right? So, why now, whats changed to make them want to start going on servers to check on reports…that’s what Im curious about. If its the case of they’ve decided to start being more active on their servers to enforce rules, look at this:



Nov '18

You don’t need a monthly subscription to provide money for ONE person to spend some time every couple days to go through the exploits that are reported on servers and deal with them. If any player can log into single player and teleport to and area to test something in a few minutes, an admin could surely do the same thing.

People aren’t asking for admins 24/7. They want someone to actually ACT on these exploiters and cheaters when there are reports on them.

Someone made the suggestion 18 months ago to have Funcom come onto servers to deal with exploiters and it fell on deaf ears.

So, to finalize. Clear, consistant rules with very detailed explanations of what can be deemed appropriate in terms of buildings, because someones beautiful PVE castle on a PVP server if big enough can cause lag issues, which is bannable.

I don’t think funcom needs to run anything by anyone to be honest. They laid the rules out as stated and they’re clear enough to not need further clarification. I’ve found that people who tend to want to know where the line is or what is the repercussions of a particular action it’s specifically so that they can skate right up to that line but not cross it. Ie, getting away with whatever they can.

It’s actually good that funcom is keeping it murky to some. Makes people stay on their best behavior. If you think there’s a possibility of being banned then chances are, you probably shouldn’t do it.


A week or two ago, some guy on my server started complaining about a neighbor of his who build where his house used to be. Because he had not signed in for a few weeks, and he let it decay.

So he was asking how he could report them…

I would absolutely love to glance through Funcom’s complaint que after they implemented this. :grinning:

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Well, you did say something along the lines that they’d ban based on screenshots only, because screenshots are the type of evidence players can provide. It looked a lot like making assumptions to me.

Also, even though Funcom hasn’t got the manpower to actively admin all servers, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the manpower to check out reports on said servers. Just that they don’t have a thousand fulltime employees patrolling the servers 24/7.

And of course they’d need to go and look at the actual situation on the server. Banning based on screenshots only would be ridiculous. What’s to stop me from using admin commands on Single-player to build an undermesh base, take a screenshot and send it to Funcom, telling them that “This is Nemisis’s base, ban him”?

Of course they need to investigate each case. The amount of evidence they’re asking us to provide helps them prioritize which cases need to be dealt with urgently, and which are less critical.


Since it apparently needs to be restated.

Alright we’ll proceed to close the thread as unfortunately it kept being derailed.

To summarize:
1 - Read the rules carefully.