Read This please

i write on twitter and i don t receive never an asnwer… probably i been a little bit rude… now i try here and i hope you will read this…
After 3 weeks from the launch of this game i ended all contents playn 3 hours for a day … This is a good title with the potential to be a wonderfull and long life game. For this reason i use some of my free time for write to you developer of funcom 'cause i trust to you .
This patch is a bad work… you do a buggy patch for solving bugs LOL … awesome … flask disappears , if you go to north and hear the wind blowing sounds, you have this sounds looping since you relog…purge isn t fixed , legendary weapon repair kit not craftable, thaals AI is similar to a blind mouse growing near a nuclear plant that burns every neurons in his brain…and others…
Leaving this trouble …in my modest opionion you have a worst trouble to solve …CONTENTS ! is very sad that a casual player like me , playng 3 hours for a day and finish to do all in 3 weeks … Why this happen? Not because i m a smart player … no absolutly not…The trouble is that this game havent repeatable contents. Watch and think to Blizzard Entertainement … Why after 12 years , player continue to play WOW . Because they are smart … and always put a repeatable content that force player…to play, for achieve a better status for their characters(armors,weapons…stuffs). While player try to achieve in 3 months this status…they work for another future repeatable content.
The solution : Create 1 dungeon with 6 bosses and this dungeon will have the possibility to set in 3 difficult level , from easiest to harder.
normal level : each boss drop a recipe for crafting a slot of armor , last boss (the sixth) drop recipe for crafting weapons .
Medium level : each boss drop the materials for crafting the recipe taken in the previous difficult . Boss 1,2,3,4,5 drop material for each armor slot (one boss drop legs materials, second boss drop head materials…and so ando so…)
Hard Level : each boss drop an item for improve the armors set and weapons previously crafted .

Each one of this difficult level is scalable for numbers of player… to 1 from 5.
Each of 6 bosses have a particular set moves , so player have to study a strategic way for killing them. In this way the challenge will be interesting .
You cant do the harder level if you have not completed the easiest difficult level .

this is a little bit suggestion…