Real world: Africa is literally splitting in two


I blame Philip Marquard. I bet the New Dawn is here somewhere:

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It’s closer to the Congo, and even closer to Wakanda. I guess that answers where the sixth stone is.


That fact actually…

…cracks me up.

ba-dum-tss…bad joke quota for today achieved


This is something we’ve known for a while. Just didn’t expect we’d see the beginnings of it happening with our own eyes.

At 2:30 this shows exactly what’s going to happen. So yea, we’ve known for a while. By that point in time, the main bulk of Africa will have slammed into Europe, though, making a new super continent.


Maybe Emma Smith took up spelunking in Kenya after Tokyo?

Although if you’re interested in the not-conspiracy-theory side of it, the tectonic plate movement we know about and the cracks that have been shown on the news aren’t actually related. Not that science ever got in the way of a good story.


they obviously “tried to”, however they didn’t took the land movements into account. Given it’s 200mil years all current continents were one, one would assume their overall shape and twist will continue to change (on the video continents are just like now).

“Global warming” as we understand means exactly nothing in 100mil years. Glacial/interglacial period takes around 100k years. Current “global warming”, at worst, can only accelerate our current interglacial period. The cycle is being here for billions of years and it’s a self regulated system so no harm done. We are, after all, at the beginning of the current ice age. The Earth itself is “happy” without any ice whatsoever.

I like the word “exactly” used in so wrong way :stuck_out_tongue: