Realistic in-game mechanics go beyond realism?

I am fully aware that things aren’t live yet, so this comparison will be based on whatever is on testlive at the time of writing.

I am a fan of game mechanics that makes sense. We humans are very good at detecting things that are a bit off. Nausea when using VR, or the uncanny valley in certain animated movies are some examples of this.
When things start to require more “stuff” than real life, albeit at the comfort of sitting in the couch, things can get really annoying.

So with the changes to feeding thralls and fuel for objects that didn’t have it earlier, I decided to do a bit of research.
I haven’t dedicated a huge amount of time, and I’d appreciate your insights.
I have compared in-game mechanics to similar things during the middle ages or earlier.

Producing honey/beekeeping
You need a queen. For every honey produced you need a worker bee.
I’m fine with the queen, and it should last forever, but bees don’t sacrifice themselves to become honey.
Beekeeping actually has very little maintenance costs and is almost self-sufficient.

  • Remove worker bees.
  • Bonus production if close to planters.

Info on beekeeping

Fish farming
You need bait to catch anything.
This is just wrong. Sure, bait will increase your chances, but you will certainly still be able to catch fish without it.
The fish trap we have in-game is of a design that is meant to keep fish trapped.
Also, bait is not necessarily something living. Light sources or smelly stuff are other viable options.
The fish and shellfish trap would in real life have a great synergy when it comes to fish farming.
Spoiled fish is excellent bait!

  • Fish traps generate fish without bait, albeit at a slower rate.
  • Putrid meat should be VERY viable as bait.
  • Radium gem and glowing essence for bait.
  • Allow placing in large well or add fish pond as a building.

Info on fish traps and fish ponds.

Thralls need food.
Humans can live for three weeks without food.
A thrall is a slave and should be treated as such. Sure, they need food, but they are the lowest class and have no rights whatsoever.
Thralls were treated like cattle, and fed what their masters saw fit.
They were beaten, raped, sacrificed and sold, but somehow now have a Food Union and gluten allergies…

  • Thralls should eat whatever’s available.

With the introduction of pets, and the possibility of pets becoming really powerful, I’d suggest you copy and paste that code snippet back to the “” base class.
Historically, thralls could be freed by their masters or even buy their freedom.
At the risk of losing your thrall, this could be an interesting mechanic to upgrade in-game thralls.
Info on thralls and then some.


I love your idea’s, well thought out and make a lot of sense, except one…

I’ve never seen anyone fishing in a well ?!? The Fish Pond to breed them in is your better idea.

Edited: miss-read the OP

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Fish pond is mentioned.
Just think the existing large well is rather useless since you’ll get more water with multiple small wells.

Updated post to clarify.


Good call but you never heard of fisherman knoting insects in the big nets they use to catch fish :slight_smile:

No serious, I do not like this change, needing bait, for the most of it.
I would like to see that bait increases the production/catching of fish so I would have other means to use the insects I gather other than the Derketo shrine.

But as things are, we probably cannot expect any buff mechanic but only a restriction of general functions.

I like the idea of fish ponds, not so much the idea about wells.
As far as I know it works to place fish-traps in wells but talking about realism it is not at all realistic, as @PitMonk already pointed out.

Generally I would like to see more water related building options to build pools and such but thats besides the point

Totally agree, they should eat whatever the heck I please to give them and also eat less than currently.
It would be nice if the thrall was buffed when receiving better food than Gruel but I mentioned my expectation about buffs above, so no need to re-visit.

What would make sense would be to be required to have a water source the thralls could drink from, talking realism again. So basically you need a well (lvl25) so that might be a downer.


I agree! When thralls are being broken they live on gruel doing hard work. When they are broken they demand the best meat? It’s VERY silly. Some tiger would die without fresh meat but human will die very soon eating meat only (even cooked meat). Various food for thralls should have various “fullness” timer like for us players, but human NPC should eat everything that we can eat.

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