Reapers Cloak is now NoDrop

The most recent patch has changed Reapers Cloak to nodrop seemingly without any warning that this was going to happen. The only info on the patch update was that they would be doing some fixes, and if this item had always intended to be NoDrop, its very late and unexpected to do it now.

While I am slightly annoyed that I spent the time acquiring quite a few cloaks (mostly to use for social), and then stored most on 1 or 2 characters, I’m more concerned that FC will change quite an important tag like YesDrop/NoDrop without prior warning.

Also this item now shows as “Unkown” in gmi, with no icon, and cant be searched for. Item description is still there and it can be withdrawn as normal.


All seasonal TWINKING items from events should be YesDrop.

Edit: Clarification.

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I don’t know, I can see the argument both ways:

No Drop “rewards” players who participated in the event and prevents super inflated prices for the rare season items on the 2nd hand market.

Yes drop: some of the seasonal items have significant twinking benefits and place those who couldn’t attend the event or didn’t farm for the random drop at an arbitrary disadvantage.

Personally I would have made seasonal items either purely cosmetic or roughly equivalent to existing items but with a seasonal aesthetic, e.g. an SPB shaped like a Christmas Tree or Miy’s Elf Outfit.

Disappointed about this change though as I’d been keeping an eye out for the cloak for sale. But I guess Halloween is just around the corner now.

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I agree partially. IMO all seasonal items that provide important buffing stats should be yesdrop.

Some social stuff should stay nodrop and some should even be a bit on the rare side.

It’s just stupid that if you roll a new char after halloween or after june you have to wait for more than 6 months to be able to start gearing that character up.

However there still should be some rare and cool social stuff for bragging rights for those who are ready and willing to grind a bit more during the events. Key word here being “SOCIAL.”

Things that everyone needs to equip endgame stuff should never be limited to dropping only few days per year if they are nodrop. Either lose the nodrop flag or make that stuff available all year.

Having buffing items that are rare and require work to get is perfectly ok. However being completely unable to acquire those items for 6+ months is not ok.

Changing things from yesdrop to nodrop AFTER an event without any warning in advance is another huge middlefinger shoved directly to the players face and should never happen. Even if the original yesdrop status was a mistake or bug, changing it to nodrop without a warning should never happen.

Often people collect seasonal yesdrop stuff on one character and then distribute to alts later. You change something from yesdrop to nodrop without warning and you seriously piss off these players. And at this point FC can’t afford pissing off one single player if they want to keep the lights on.


I totally agree with your point of view : seasonal items should be exclusively social items, or should be roughly the same as non seasonal items but with seasonal effects/aspect.

And all season items should be… seasonal… So they should remains nodrop, or if yesdrop, their special effects should be only enabled during seasonal event.

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Honestly even if you attended the Halloween Reaper events, it was nearly impossible to get the loot you wanted.