Rebuilding "The Passage"

I have repaired the two gaps in the aqueduct as well, using the Pythagoras Steel Beam mod, so I do not need pillars. But every now and then, when the mod does not match the current update, I have to do repairs because parts break down…

I’ll have to try to repair the Passage this way, when I am back at my PC.

*Simply a friendly hug to Sera for his “lil’ voice issue” in real life

That doesnt really answer my question. So I will assume that you are not sure yourself.

I am able to build in some of them but not others. I have previously discussed the phenomenon at lengths with other members, and even shared some images. You can browse a good bunch of them in this thread if you like. :point_down:

Another interesting fact (as you will see by the pictures) is that I can also freely build almost anywhere in the Unnamed City! I even have a base there, and a Maproom right next to the Obelisk.

Okay before I proceed further with this post, I will also draw your attention to this thread which I created, which further discusses the issue. If memory serves me correctly I did invite them to clarify the situation in this thread, however they were a no show.

Furthermore, as being able to build in them circumvents some serious gameplay dilemmas I have been having (discussed in the thread), I have no desire to further call upon them to ‘fix’ this.

I do have ONE VERY IMPORTANT POINT to add here:
This freedom to build in dungeons and the Unnamed City seems to be unique to Offline Singleplayer mode! As you will see in the two threads, online players from other modes, be it Singleplayer, PvE, etc, attempted to replicate this in comparator tests but were flatout unable to. So since the only person whos game I would be ruining is my own, Im happy to let sleeping dogs lie on this one.

I would have to open the map and look at every dungeon, see what building blockers are used, their positions, and their size. Not really interested in spending that kind of time doing that kind of leg work. It’s safe to assume that building in something like the Wine Cellar isn’t intended. Could be that single player console’s map is slightly different for all I know though.

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So, the loose translation is:

“I like to play the game I like and it does not impact any other player.”

This is the heart of game play. If you are in a shared environment, different rules apply. If you are in a solo / modded environment and folks do not care for your play style, invite them to pound sand and embrace the joy you find in the game.

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Well thanks there Pugilist. Being a purely Offline Singleplayer I know that it cant impact upon other peoples games in a negative way. If it were able to be replicated in online modes, I would understand and accept that it needs to be corrected. Otherwise it would be absute mayhem; trolls and griefers would be building bases in the dungeons or blocking Boss spawns all over the place. It actually surprised me when I saw all of the threads on people building in the Black Keep, as it is one of the dungeons I cant build in.

So for now Im going to have my cake and eat it. In fact for its a nice passive QoL improvement; it means that I can place Bedrolls down in (some) dungeons as I progress, and avoid rerunning it from the beginning if I die.

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