Rebuilt server 4x4x

!Forgotten exiles 4x4x Mature/ wiped 2-22
P.C. (dallas tx. based server)
Intended to be forgiving to those of us with jobs.And anyone else who would like to join. 4x, xp and harvest. Undecided on thrall/pet training atm. Would Prefer mature play. Rp is welcome and entertaining. One Rule No Griefing. Max clan size of 10 at the moment. No thrall limit. The wife and i would enjoy company. Am open to tweaks but would prefer to stay mod free. Discord available at No admin interference in affairs/disputes. I just want people to have a good time.

On the one rule Griefing is not getting raided/ attacked. This is Conan and it happens. Griefing is when you know its wrong and continue to do it. Hence the maturity level were looking for.