Recommended hardware setups

We recently did a big performance and compatibility test with our external QA partner, Testronic, and we’ve started going through the results of this test. It’s given us a lot of really helpful data that we can use to improve the game.

For this test we set up different testing scenarios for both single-player games and dedicated servers. We defined hotspots around the map that affect CPU and GPU performance (based on internal testing and community feedback), places like the Black Hand Pirate ship and other highly populated areas with a lot of activity. Over 70 different configurations were tested, mixing up CPUs and GPUs from Intel, Nvidia and AMD, on all settings, from Laptop Mode to Ultra.

In the table below, we have summarized our findings from the compatibility tests. The results are relatively conservative and should allow you to have a good experience if you have similar configurations. Obviously, if you’re playing in a stressful scenario with lots of players and buildings, performance will be different. If your game performance is severely different from our estimates in the table below, please get in touch with one of our community managers, as there may be some compatibility issues that we’re not aware of.

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Thanks for making this public, but do you have results for Win7 / 4k resolution and the newest CPUs/GPUs? Or is the list shown, all that you got? Any way the community can contribute to compability tests (I’d be happy to run some prog to send the results to you guys).

is it possible we get this list?

@MoosGamesTV: This is is what I got from the game’s producer.

We used 1080p as a baseline for testing. Data from Steam shows that that is the resolution most players are using when playing a game. We didn’t do any 4k resolution testing. We also avoided the beefiest graphics cards (1080 ti, Nvidia Titan) based on the same data from Steam.

@ins0mniacdrag0n: I’ll see what I can do! :slight_smile:


There are two confusing things about this.

  1. Is this testing done with optimized internal build?!

  2. There are 2 different versions of nV1060 (different shader count) so which one is listed? I guess it is 6gb version since it is in same group with other similar performing cards

Btw…Vega 64 has 8gb ram and is more on par with gtx 1080…just saying.

I wonder why… there is only win10 as OS ?
(( Since on Steam it says win 7/8 and 10… ) and I bought it and it wont start on my comp.))

OS win 7 / nVidia 1070 (latest driver) / 16Gb memory… - game installed included Battleye.

Overclock your latest i7/ryzen CPU to 6+GHz and you will might be able to play without dips into 30s and below.

The only issue I have with it is how to pour LN2 to keep CPU cool and how long CPU would last…