Changes in resource use post-patch

Good Day,

Just as a general info-seeking; have people noticed more delay or rubberbanding on older PCs/hardware?

A few people that I know are running on last-gen AMD or pre-4xxx series Intel, R7 or R9 GPUs and they’re now having so much lag that their game time out even on sparsely populated servers with minimal buildings where before the game was manageable in fairly active servers with large builds. Both have SATA SSDs.

I’m running much more recent hardware (i7-9xxx, 1660Ti) and I think I’ve noticed a bit of a change, but it’s been anecdotal and as I don’t have pre-patch FPS or PC resource use to compare to I can’t make any sort of educated guesses.

I’m assuming that it’s due to the re-worked map to allow for mounts. I’m just curious if this reflects anyone else’s experience?

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