Reconsider Survival Perk 2 change

The new Survival perk:

  • New Survival level 20 perk, “Waste Not”. This reduces the amount of water used per drink from waterskins, effectively doubling the lifespan of waterskins.

Is it worth 20 attribute points? I don’t think so. I could see this one being rolled into the 10 point level so we could eat uncooked food AND gain longer waterskins.

Please restore * the “Hard Worker” perk to level 20 perk. Farming is difficult enough without the extra 10 point stretch to 30 Survival points. If you all want to change the “Butchery” perk to roll it into “Hard Worker,” that would probably work together. Then we just need to come up with a better 30 point Survival perk alternative that fits the game.

Anyone have any suggestions for a level 30 Survival perk alternative to “Butchery”?


Improved Elephant Penetration :rofl:


What did you want to do as a kid sir

I wanted to help little animals as a vet

What do you do now

I own a chain of slaughter houses

Ok you kinda went the opposite way there

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Deluvian Elephant skin cloning - elephant skins clone themselves in your inventory.

How about something like ‘Hardened Survivor - Baseline ‘shelter’ level is 20% in all locations, cumulative with structure or location shelter bonuses’

Probably could find a better way to word that. x3 But it would maybe help against environmental hazards in more severe heat/cold and environmental hazards, I think. Or maybe just make the level 30 perk directly make damage over time from extreme heat or cold slow down to half speed?

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My EL farming spec already uses 30 survival points, because of Efficient Butchery. My IOS farming spec doesn’t have the flawless armor, so I’m down to 20.

I wouldn’t mind adapting to this change if it wasn’t for the perk they chose to add. “Aren’t you glad that you can carry one water skin instead of two” is somewhere between farcical and insulting :stuck_out_tongue:

How about “No Stranger to Injury”? The effect would be that the animations for bandaging and quaffing potions are slightly faster.

Not that they’re actually going to implement something from our suggestions, but hey – you asked :wink:


This perk would’ve landed as “Rework needed” on my opinion list about perks: Realtalk: My opinion on the current attributes and perks

I would actually love to see a perk that speeds up the movement you have when drinking an Aloe Potion. From the current “overencumbered” speed to “normal walking” speed.


Probably not but its still a very nice concept perk CodeMage! :slightly_smiling_face: It is quite literally ‘Survival’ in my books. Honestly mate if that perk was introduced I would be enticed to invest in Survival further. Besides I have always enjoyed pitching concepts whether or not they are well recieved. And now is as good a time as any. In fact here are a couple of concept perks I had envisioned for Survival (not necessarily perk 2, just anywhere). Like yourself I doubt they would ever find their way into the game, but you know. Fun.

Attunement: able to see the silhouette or ‘auras’ of people and animals in close proximity through walls and obstructions. Also considered naming it ‘Heightened Awareness’.

Master Tracker: the most recent enemy you initiated combat with, human or animal, leaves a short, temporary trail indicating the direction in which they fled.


Who even carries waterskins when you can stack up 50 filtered water?

A good survival perk would be Navigator - this would add compass points to your hud.

This might actually get me to invest in survival other than for a farming build.


So far the best response :slight_smile: hah…

Honestly Water perk …either let us in on the conceptual roadmap as to “Why” water is suddenly a first class problem or likely going to be a problem for players or…explain what the worst idea of the day was before this one was pitched?


I am fine with the changes. The effecient butchery perk was, for the points invested, extremely underwhelming. It went hand in hand with hard worker though, so why not? This change literally does no affect my build at all. I was already 50 Encumberance, 30 Survival, and enough vitality to get double breathing timer. This let me farm a lot and wearing heavy armor, take a hit when I needed too. My thrall does most of my damage/tanking for me. Now instead of efficient butchery, I will have double the water to drink… which is actually kinda nice.

But I think the better change here would be allowing players to level above 60 and earn more points to spend. Do have to let us have it all, but a little more wiggle room would be nice for sure.

The water bags (the good ones) are very nice because they are refillable and sometimes have extra effects. Most of them are lighter too. The “Healing” one has 0.00 weight. Some of them are 1.50/2.00. But yea, generally 50 stack of water is easiest way to go. But if you don’t want to expend crystal resources incase your skimpy on it.

I think the answer to why is.
First the “economy” of harvesting double hide and second the economy of harvesting stone, timber and iron in half the time.

Water seems to be just something they came up with to fill the empty perk slot.

They should merge it with the 10 point perk or ditch it and give us something actually useful.

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I don’t think the new perk works for me, from my perspective, 20 points on Surv. were always in my build to gather faster But tbh, if they won’t change the 5th encumbrance perk it doesn’t matter, if you want to mine rocks and cut trees all day, you spec, for that and leave combat behind, placing the hard worker perk in the 3th tier makes the gatherer less inclined to get into combat than before. I would even say it deserves the 4th perk rather than the 3th, but maybe that would be a little punishing on some players :stuck_out_tongue:

New speaking of the Surviveability tree, both first and 2nd perk are kind of boring and uninteresting, eating raw food and drinking less water? why not make your hunger and thirst timer slower so you can survive longer without food or water? Now that food isn’t a heal item anymore, people will need to remember to eat, so i think that would be a better solution.

That would be a nice perk to have.

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You could wear a witchdoctor mask that gives 10 survival. Problem solved. No builds ruined.

yeah just farm witchdoctor thrall from chance of drop on EL…or try gacha on Siptah.
It’s not even about stats amount you need to get better farming perk.
New perk is just a joke and basically another useless perk thrown into already pretty rarelly used stat.
At this point most of S.A.V.A.G.E. system needs rework. Maybe update 2.2. will have something.


I don’t know if you are replying to me, but for me at least having the hardworker perk up to the 3th tier isnt a problem, though i could argue that with the witchdoctor mask you can’t use a bearer pack, but whatever, that’s not the problem.

For me, the first two perks have 0 value, no reason to have them, no reason to spend points on them, the hardworker feat is great though, and so are the next two.

So what we need, in my opinion, is to change the first 2 to make them more attractive, because most of the time, this is a dump stat.


God could you imagine even being in the position on Siptah to give up a T4 thrall just because you want a mask? xD


Yeah I have no qualms with reshuffling the Survival perk order around, but Efficient Butchery should remain. If they want to eliminate some useless ones which few people ever utilise, I suggest they instead change:

Perk1: Raw and Bloody, Perk4: Antidote of One, Perk5: Bronzed Physique. Oh yeah…and as of now Perk2: Waste Not as well.

But hey, the laters name does at least serve as a caution when distributing our Attribute points.

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I wouldn’t mind if they merge it with hard worker, but if find the first 2 perks useless and unattractive.