Reduced Boss HP (mod)

I use this mod to make bosses doable for a 2 player server I run. (my gf and I). Unfortunately the author has not responded to requests to get it updated. Its causing a fatal error in death. (I am yet to die and still have this installed…lol).

Direct link:

I checked all other boss hp mods and none of them seem to be up to date. Any1 know of any that are still being updated. Would be a pain to try and kill bosses with just 2 people. I am trying to do bosses in order and I just did the frost giants.

How hard is it to make such a mod. I see a lot of them, just none get updated. Or how hard is it to update such a mod. Wish I could code, bleh.

I don’t want to comment on a time frame of when, but since I keep seeing these come and go without updates, I’ll make one myself soon…

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Awesome! You are a legend! If there is anything I can do to help let me know :smiley:

@Multigun Just had a quick squiz at the devkit, and it seems I don’t need to know any code to be able to change the boss HP values. Looks like just a table in the devkit. Is it really that simple?

Create a new mod, edit the values in the monster table, then save it? Wondering if I should have a crack at it, if it is that simple.

To clarify to anybody reading further, not exactly. There’s more to it. I DMed dakka and I encourage anybody who is interested in modding to join us all on the mod discord where there is a wealth of information to be had.

Thanks a ton Multigun! Very awesome of you to spend the time :wink:

OH PLEEEEASE do it dear @Multigun! :heart_eyes: I’m a bad fighter (just a noob) so it’s too hard for me to fight all those bad-■■■■■ in SP… such mod was a great help for me but authors abandon them soon.

I learned recently I don’t need to know how to code to make a mod. So I will make this thing. Multigun is giving me some pointers :smiley:

Just downloading devkit, should be downloaded in a few hours. Aussie internet uses tin cans and string. I have the best money can buy, but its still cans and string. Will post in here once I get it done. (unless this is not the right place).

EDIT: Here are the values I have changed via a spreadsheet.


EDIT: In case any1 is interested I made the mod, its here:
Big shoutout @Multigun for all his help getting me started and getting this mod done! Very cool of you mate!


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