World Boss HP Slider

Have a separate slider to increase/decrease world boss hp in admin settings. This would be useful primarily in single player mode, so you could make the world bosses more manageable without doing so for everything else (or constantly changing settings). Single player could default to half HP for such bosses.


There are a few good mods for this too. It really just becomes tedious working them down solo. It isn’t hard to kill them, it just takes a while.

Funny enough, I am actually more afraid of the mini bosses now, than I am of the world bosses. The mini bosses that were just introduced may just be on testlive so far, but it adds a real element of fear when out adventuring now.

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This would be good to have especially for single/co-op modes as the PS4 and Xbox can’t use mods.

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Mini bosses are really tough! Definitely solo-able though, and drop a ton of demon blood.


Some hit harder than world bosses, but they have about 1/3 of their health, or so it seems to me. The sabretooth and warewolf mini bosses are the ones that tear down my health bar fast. The white wolf (dire wolf) is also hard, but not too difficult. It is in the standard game build already. New Tiger also hits hard. So I would say tiger, wolf and sabre are the ones that tear down your health the fastest. A lot like trying to fight the white tiger world boss. That is the one I fear the most in the game.

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