Regarding Sprint attack for weapons🔥♥️

Hi funcom. I saw the Teste live today on Twitch but i was a bit late so i will adress my question here.
From topic update and what you said , this sprint attack work well with any close combat weapon since the purpose its to get closer and faster which i know every close combat weapon will be improved in a fight. But what about range combat weapon? Cause obviously a sprint is only forward to get closer but as a range weapon like any other game close combat class has a way to close gaps and ranged class a way to stay away or the disadvantage would be tremendously toward range users so you need to put distance but nothing like a jump backward was mentioned by the name of the update or your testelive video. And since you have to face opponent while slowy walk while shooting adding a foward sprint and not a backward jump or whatever it could be for a range weapon would be unbalanced for 1 weapon (bow)against all others.

Thank you for taking care of this topic. :heart:

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