Regarding Tickets

Hello fellow exiles,

I submitted a ticket and didn’t get send a ticket ID or anything to my mail account. Does that mean it wasn’t submitted successfully?

How long does it take funcom to reply on average?
Isn’t there an automatically generated e-mail the submitter gets?
What’s your experience with tickets?

Any insight you want to share is appreciated :blush:

(But please no rants)

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Last tickets I put in for ridiculous spam, I got the automated response within a couple hours, but after 10 weeks, there was no action.

So…it may, or may not happen.

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Check your spam folder?

First thing I did :wink:

posted a landclaim rapport 21 days ago, still no other action than, we look in to it, first few days i updated my inbox regular, now… well, hope they respond, but dont expect them to, kinda loose the trust in the support when there is none, and cant stop landclaim clan myself due to fear of being banned

Samething, sub report sometume ago. Reporred clans have started to change their builds, some for better some for worse. Does that mean when FC finaly gets around to checking my reported claims out, will i have submitted a “false claim” now that the reported builds have been altered? Or due to one of the reported clans changing their name? Do i stand a chance to get banned because FC took a month to act? I hope not, but it would not be unbelievable.

Same for me, when i reported i was walled in, now build around me have changed, i still cant expand, but i can access and leave the area tho, sadly that is the least of my problems on the server, the massive landclaim is still there

Some kind of ETA on the tickets would be cool, or as one suggested, some kind of admin system, just 1 hour a week on each server would be cool, or even better, active members of the community on the server or here could have access as admin, or maybe a server voting system to choose who should be admin for a week, month or what do i know.

Funcom, please listen, we need your actions

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