Reinstall Conan Exiles

I have a question. I am thinking of re-installing Conan Exiles to see if that solves any problems with this Funcom Live Services issue. Since the game was a gift to me, can I uninstal it and re-install without buying it or am I gonna have to spend money on this game if I try to re-install.

I did spend money on all the DLC’s that they put out but I am sure that has no bearing on this at all.

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Far as I know, it shouldn’t matter if it was a gift. If you own the game, then you own the game. Neither Funcom nor Steam care who actually paid for it, as long as it was paid for and is a legal copy. If the game shows in the Library of your Steam account (i.e. not on family share), then you should have full rights to reinstall the game as many times as you need to.

If you’re going to try this option, may I recommend doing a full wipe as recommended in the sticky post in PC Bugs/Updates forum.. Basically, all this means is to delete your entire Conan Exiles folder before reinstalling. Good luck. You’re one of the ones who haven’t been able to run the game for quite a while now.

It’s a legal copy. My bro gifted it to me, then I went out and bought the DLC’s for it. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out now. I have not been able to play on the officials since June 16th, which really sucks. We have a biggish base right up round the corner of bones. I haven’t seen my pets since June. My bro keeps refreshing the place so I know it is still there.

Nothing worked there so I will try the last option I have sometime today or tomorrow(clean install). Thanks for the link.

I’m trying it now actually. I saved all my saved game files so I will see if it connects and if it does than I will add back in my saved games and see if they work…for some reason I doubt they are going to but I don’t know. I’m not a game dev.


Posted what I did in another thread as to keep this issue in one place:

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Bugguy, don’t give up hope ! Rumor has it that there is a pending release that mostly deals with connection issues.

Keeping fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:



PS: I don’t work for FC or develop at all.


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